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Startup – Inviting Mompreneurs! began as a baby e-commerce portal and morphed into a platform for Mompreneurs who want to sell their products online. The rationale was that when a baby is born, a lot of the mothers leave their job to be with their little one . This is needed too as a baby needs full time attention, but in  this journey from a Working women to a mother a women misses her financial freedom .Also , they have special needs they cannot join full time but also cannot get bored at home fulltime . We at understand this problem and have created a solution to handhold mothers into world of online selling.

We have realized that women in India have some or other hobby and are very creative,  they also create unique products for their babies as well as for other women. This creativity is also driven by necessity & willingness to give best to their baby.

We just provide them a channel to monetize their talents. Currently, the only channel available for them are Facebook groups , online forums – but there is not a single place which does all the marketing , catalog update, technology , customer support and deliveries for them . We want to be this channel so women can focus at what they do best, create products. 

MyBabyCart Advantage –

Moms are not your typical sellers who focus on scale , profitability etc , for e.g. they will not have hundreds of pieces of one type of standard product but maybe 50 different products with 2 -4 pieces of each – MyBabyCart specializes in this and many more such scenarios . Also on large online portals the wonderful products which Moms make will be showcased with other standard products as a result they do not stand out. 

Enabling Moms:

MyBabyCart wishes to be their online partner, who helps them to sell their products online & takes care of all the online selling effort. MBC does data-entry, customer service, provides fulfilment support, does re-conciliation & above all reaches out to right customers with their product. MyBabyCart is a ‘No-hassle’ Online Marketplace for Mompreneurs. 

How does MyBabyCart works?

Mompreneurs registers themselves as a vendor here. Post registration they share their products in the template available here.

MBC takes their products live on website. Post that they receive welcome kit containing account details of the Admin panel. Moms can manage their products  & orders via Admin Panel.

How Order is fulfilled?

MyBabyCart has tied up with Delivery partners; MBC extends the same agreement with all its vendors. Once order is ready to go, submit pickup request & courier guy will come for the pickup at the mentioned pickup address. Shipment will be delivered directly to the customer.

What is MyBabyCart’s benefit?

MyBabyCart takes commission on every sale concluded on its platform.

How journey has been so far?

It has been exciting journey so far, as of now 50+ Moms are live on MyBabyCart platform. MBC re-lives all the milestones with every new entrepreneur, be it first order or revenue milestone.  We are lucky enough to share such exciting times with so many more entrepreneurs.

If you know any super mom who creates her own products or curates the products from various different places, please invite her to MyBabyCart platform. We would be more than happy to have her on board!  

Please visit here for registering as a vendor at mybabycart.

Happy Selling!

Buy from Mompreneurs Corner at MyBabyCart


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  1. hey mridula,

    being a ‘mompreneur’ myself i simply love your idea!! i took out 2-3 years from my professional life to be a stay-at-home mom so the rationale behind mybabycart resonates with me!

    i will keep coming back with suggestions – the few that come to my mind after briefly browsing –

    – pls increase the point size of your copy on the homepage. it’s not reader-friendly.

    – i love the idea of having ‘return gifts’ – i have a b’day party to organise soon so will reach out to you! how long do you take to deliver to goa?! 🙂

    – i see you have something for to be moms. i would suggest you have a special shopping list for first time moms linked to the items so it becomes an easy ready reckner as well as convenient way to shop!

  2. Thanks Asha for great feedback, shall certainly do the needful.

    Delivery to Goa will happen in couple of do get back to us for the same.

  3. Dear Mridula,

    Nice Concept. I reviewed your website briefly and feel that you should work on your looks, architecture and marketing. I feel the website is not well structured and not optimized for search engine.

    Since people who would be buying online would be adults, its important that website is clean and pleasing. I some how found the site too be too kiddish.

    Additionally comments:

    Wrong Product : Category 6 Months Infant – But showing pictures of grown up kids – Also the sizes are not in ascending or descending order.

    Google Speed Test – Desktop 69/100 Mobile 49/100

    Product Pictures plays very critical role – the current pictures are extremely poor in quality.

    If you need additional feedback you can speak to me at 9811122212 or visit 

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