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Need Help-Register Company in USA and USA Payment Gateway

Dear All,

I need help of the fellow members to guide me about how to register a company and preferable LLC Company for the Technical Solutions’ online portal.

We need to open bank account and than after payment gateway which can provide API settings to integrate with our portal, we are already in talks with few gateway providers but to complete the procedure we need bank account and registration info.

About Us: We are a Pvt Ltd registered company in India, apart from that we are also Limited registered company in UK. 

Please guide me to proceed ahead as soon as possible.


Kandarp Devashrayee

skype: kandarpbrd


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  1. Please any one can help ASAP to find good outbound center as well for the marketing purpose calls.

  2. Can u write to ?

  3. Kandarp – do let me know if you still need help. I can connect you to an expert.

    However, from my limited understanding, for an Indian resident, LLC may not be the best structure from taxation perspective.

  4. I am in the talk with some person right now, but Kanchan ji I really want the actual advice from some expert. And if not LLC than please guide me which would be best structure. Thanks in advance, I can be reached on or skype: kandarpbrd.

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