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Need Review & Guide Path for my startup


Hi everyone,

Thank you Rodinhoods for making me a part of this encouragingly serving community.

“Yoossup” which is a Facebook App was launched on 18th May, 2013. This app intends to find people without knowing their name or email id or any such info. All a user need to do is enter the details of the occasion when you saw the person. If the person on the other end also enters similar details in the app, then he/she will be able to see you in the search result.

Using this product can be extremely useful for building contacts, socializing etc during events, seminars, movies, restaurants, gatherings, on trips and especially for individuals who want to connect to/find each other.

Here is the presentation to give you a glimpse on the wider aspect of the app

In case presentation does not load here please click on following link

Following is the list of things I would need inputs from all Rodinhooders:-

1) Your honest interpretations/reviews on the app.

2) The guiding path on how to carry forward this app forward to its glory, also suggestions on ways to market it to college students & events.

3) What other things should be looked upon as start-ups?

4) Rate this app on 10.

Our official website being we shall be pleased to have you all a part of it.

I shall readily encourage any inputs in the form of suggestions/feedback/criticism etc since it shall help me transpire my ideas with panache across the globe



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  1. Hey Manan,

    Amazing concept! Liked your website and the application. Would love to try it out sometime soon.

    Suggestion: Since Facebook now has a check’in option like Foursquare, how about adding a search option that allows you to search for a person based on where he/she was at that particular moment?

    All the best


  2. Thanks Kunal .. that was a Muhurat reply here for me in The Rodinhoods, and I am glad its positive 

    As you suggested, you will find something similar and better in mobile apps which will hopefully release soon.

  3. Hi Manan,

    Liked the concept. I lead Startup Saturday Bangalore and I can truly see the benefits of having it along for people who come along as particpants, as after each event they tend to ask us to get them connected to so and so person they met during the event Definitely useful from networking point of view!.:)

    Which place are you based out of.? I would love to have you along if in Bangalore this time itself so that we can ask our audience to use it, if it helps you. In fact you go can tie up with all the major events that happen around the country Rodinhoods meetup,Startup Saturdays,yourstory events, Nasscom and host of others just to give you a feel of how actually it is working on ground for networking( If not already)

    I would have loved to see a more detailed website, may be a short animation video will serve the pupose of communicating your idea in a much better way.

    out of 10, I would rate it as 8 in terms of usability!.:)

  4. Hey Prashant,

    Thanks for the reply & I deeply appreciate your liking along with the usability qualities you tend to derive from the app.

    I am Mumbai based & would equally love to associate with you. Certainly your event shall prove to be a great support and help to me but due to some pre-commitments, it seems difficult to make up for SS Bangalore event scheduled to be held on the coming Saturday, yet I shall try my best & let you know latest by tomorrow.

    Also, I’ve tried my luck hard to get tie-ups done with some good brands but so far it hasn’t given me any satisfactory progressive reports and I was thoroughly disheartened by the vagueness & uncertain replies from the concerned people which led me bizarre. Hoping that I’ll soon discover an alternate route too.

    It will be a great learning experience for me if I am guided how to actually approach and finalize the deal at one go. 

    Coming to video, then I would like to borrow some time from you & I shall forward it to you soon.

    It will be a great helping hand if we can stay in touch. My email id is
  5. Love the idea !  

    But I tried it doesn’t work for me at all  🙁

    On your questions :-

    1) The name  does not seem to reflect what you can achieve with the site.  Yoosup and a Hang Loose symbol for an icon ??   

    Your landing page also depicts a date, rather than your description above about it being for business.  So maybe same platform but with different names for each segment ?  (dating / business networking)

    2& 3 & 4) Choose a segment you want to target, and make it work – before you try to market it.  Show us this working for the next rodinhoods meet?  

  6. Thanks for your considerate review.

    Coming to the working of the app then I shall appreciate if you share your experience of how it failed to your need. Also, it’s yet to set its foot & go viral like twitter and Facebook, so in the initial stages it can encounter issues with the desired results, and let’s presume once its marketed well, it shall not fail to serve its purpose.

    The name reflects the feeling of “From strangers (yo)…to being friends (ssup)” & about your suggestion on its icon then I would deeply thank you to bring it to my notice, though we tried to depict the symbol “y” and “yo” via it. I assure you the required change therein.

    The landing page & the segment I m trying to aim; is in constant debate in my mind. I also had views from few knowledgeable people but could not draw a way out yet. Not having a mentor on my side is adding to my misery.

    This feedback of yours has been very valuable to me & I shall soon discover a path which is radiant enough to serve my consumers, after all it’s about your all’s convenience that matters the most.

    I shall be obliged if you could forward me your email id & contact details so that I can utilize your profound knowledge to choose on a defined path. You can also mail me at


  7. hey manan,

    how’s everything in yoossupland?

    we’d all love to hear the latest updates!

  8. Hi Asha,

      My apologies for the delay in reply

    Well, your concern & enquiry about yoossup is appreciative. is going ok. 

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