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My new fashion startup – after a long gap!

Hi all….

It has been quite a long time (2 – 3 yrs) since I was active on TheRodinhoods. After dabbling with a few jobs, here I am again, back with another startup. This time, it’s a fashion startup, men’s clothing, to be precise. The brand is ‘Spicy Threads’ and the focus is going to be on celebration clothing (only shirts for now). These are designer shirts, stitched with quirky creativity. Most of the fabric used will be Indian ethnic handlooms & prints (Ikat, Kalamkari, Mangalgiri, Chettinad Cotton, Ajrakh, Dabu, Sanganeri, etc.) Here’s a link to the Facebook page:

I’m working on the website and it would be ready by the next week. I have promoted this on Facebook to so many people (around 9000 people) and have just a handful of likes (32). There has been no sales so far, in the past 4 days since launch.

Now, friends, I want to know what should I do better to get sales. There has been positive feedback from all quarters, but it’s not getting converted as sales.

I request my fellow Rodinhooders to help me out with your priceless feedback!

And, if you really LOVE the shirts, you can buy them too 🙂 !!

Thanks & Regards

V Saravana Kumar


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  1. Hi ,
    Awesome effort.

    Personally – I do not have a separate wardrobe for festivals.
    I purchase a new shirt and use it for that years festivals.

    so then in my use case – you are competing with provogue, zaraa.

    can you offer me a better fit, better price,better comfortable farbric, easier online buying experience than the other brands .
    that for me is the question.
    maybe you could send someone to the buyers location to take measurements.
    this would create custom fitting, trust.
    also you could sell the measurements to amazon, flipkart.

    good luck to you.

    Do Try ELM for your tech needs.


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