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Now Book Train Tickets on ConfirmTkt !!!

Yes you read it right. After 3 long years now users can book train tickets directly on ConfirmTkt (Android only). It’s been only a month that we launched beta version, more than 1 crore worth of tickets already booked on the platform.

Its been long since I have written on ConfirmTkt. A lot happened in between:

  1. Getting featured on Homepage of playstore

2. More than 2 Lakh users using the platform daily.

3. The company is cash flow positive now.

An amazing journey so far. And this year is very exciting with our collaboration with IRCTC for booking train tickets. Our users always wanted to complete their transaction after discovering tickets on ConfirmTkt.

Out of the 10 employees, we had 9 people focusing on the product all time until last month.  Now we have some more problems to solve.. Operations, Customer Service.

We always focused on great customer experience and everything else comes next. The same has been now applied to our booking platform. Booking a train ticket should never be complicated.

As we keep innovating we would like split our team into 3 functionalities primarily

  1. Pre-booking  – Focusing mainly on adding more inventory and improving the overall experience
  2. Booking  – Focusing on improving booking experience and making it more seamless.
  3. Post booking /On a trip  – Focus mainly on assisting the user during his journey.

I’ll keep you posted on developments in my future posts.

Booking currently only available on Android. Try it out.




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