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Now no more Guess Work, SEEING IS BELIEVING!!!

You have made a great mobile app and have spent lakhs of rupees and time to have your app discovered by your customers on the play store or app store, then you spent more amount and time to have them download your app. Then you arrive at the most challenging part of your customers mobile journey…..”HOW DO I MAKE THE CUSTOMER USE MY APP AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN”.… Making your customers use your app over the long-run is a challenge and most of you who have a app business would agree with me.

We at UserExperior have built a product which gives you a real-time video of how your customers are using your app and this information is gathered without any privacy intrusion to your customer.

You can actually see how your customer is using your app, as if you were sitting next to them and watching them use your app. Imagine the wealth of information you will get from a video of your customer using your app. Use your customers videos to gain deep insights on how they interact with your app and what changes you can do in order to have the interaction continue over a long-run.

With UserExperior you will be able to 

  • Understand your customers journey on the app & eliminate the customer struggle on the App by getting a contextual feedback.
  • Know areas in your app where you customers are getting confused and are not clear of what to do next?
  • See which gestures your customers are using on your app? Are they tapping on a area where they are supposed to swipe?
  • Understand if your customers end up taking a lot of efforts to complete a task on your app.
  • See how apps are behaving on multiple devices and networks

I can go on an on an on with the insights you can gain from a video of your customer using your app. Let me take you through some snapshots of the output can expect from the product.

Pic-1(Pic-1: The above image is the player where you get a complete story-line of your customer’s journey on your app.You can move between screen and events at time during the recording)


(Pic-2: The above image shows the efforts you customers have to spend to complete a task on your app)


(Pic-3: The above image shows the time on tasks the customers spend to complete on your app)

We thought of putting a list of FAQs which will help you answer your queries.

Q1. When can you use UserExperior?
A1. You can use UserExperior during your apps testing/beta launch or in your live environment.

Q2. How does UserExperior work?
A2. A very simple SDK integration with your app will just take 5 mins max for integration.

Q3. What is the impact of the SDK on my app?
A3. Extremely negligible, we increase your app size by only 2 digit number in KB.

Q4. How much bandwidth do you consume?
A4. Our minute video is less than ~800KB and we have a provision to only upload on WiFi.

Q5. Can I control the recording?
A5. Yes, we give you full controls to start or stop recording anytime.

Q6. Do you capture any customer sensitive data?
A6. No we don’t capture any customer sensitive data.

Q7. Is your SDK approved on play store?
A7. Yes! we are play store certified.

Get UserExperior and take control of your customers journey on your app and deliver a delightful User Experience.

Want to try our product?  Subscribe on our website and we will share the link to download our SDK.

If you need more information feel free to reach out to

Thank you,
Vimlesh Gautam



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  1. Hey Vimlesh, I like the idea. To me, it seems like a valuable source of insight but with some challenges. For example how many videos can I realistically watch. What process can I use to draw inferences from it?  I don’t know if you’re thinking on these lines already but if not, do you think somehow marrying this data with events as they’re implemented in the app analytics setup would help? Maybe identify some common paths a user takes from the analytics, & then be able tp pull up some corresponding recordings for that specific path to experience it as customers do? Or for example, in the case of a feature that is not getting any traction, it would be interesting to see what path a user is following when the feature is being exposed to him, and maybe make some informed assumptions about what’s going in the customer’s head during that time by looking at the data and video together? Just some knee-jerk thoughts. Please take what I say with a pinch of salt. I’ve never run an app based business & have never worked on app analytics of any sort. Like I said, knee-jerk thoughts…..

  2. Hi Amit,

    Thanks for your feedback. I agree with the challenges you mentioned about number of videos one can watch, hence we have built easy start and stop functionalities which allow you to capture videos for specific duration which you can further filter out based on certain conditions.



  3. Is this available for web apps?

  4. Hi Prateek,

    We are currently only available for Mobile Apps.



  5. This is Great Vimlesh! Kudos to you folks :). 

    We would love to try this for our app. 

  6. Hi Sunder,

    Can you please send me your contact details on and we can take it from there.



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