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Online Market Place For Small Fashion Boutiques


We are in the process of starting up an online market place for small fashion boutiques. Basically, we will be helping the boutique owners to go online and sell under their brand name only. As the boutique owners have no knowledge of web development, digital marketing etc, we can help them go online, and at the same time can have huge inventory for our customers. 

Do you think the idea is viable? What constraints can we face especially dealing with non-technical boutique owners. What sort of facilities should we provide, so that we can attract large customer base? 

Looking for great suggestions from you all! 

Thanks, Kaushal! 


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  1. Hi Kaushal

    The idea itself seems to be new and impressive. Before you actually start, I would suggest you to do some pre-analysis like who all are going to be the initial sellers on your website, How will you keep your website synced with the different sellers you have, how will you make the communication b/w the seller and the buyer possible, Shipping / courier needs if any, etc.

    To make an initial customer base, you can connect with your local neighbors and social media friends and give them a glimpse of your idea and ask them to register on your landing page (you must create one before you actually start). You can also run a Facebook ad campaign using free coupon codes and get those initial targeted signups on your website. You can use email marketing services like Mailchimp to get signups from your email contacts. Try these and you should definitely get some traffic and targeted customer base.

    Anoop Nair (Co Founder | The South Indian Store)

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  2. Check out Zakoopi ( 

    They are active in Delhi/NCR and are trying something similar. 

  3. Thanks Anoop for your reply! This will definitely help a lot… 

  4. Thanks Karthik,

    I had a look at, they are more of an online directory/review site for boutiques. Just like zomato is for restaurants, zakoopi can be for boutiques, but they are not selling stuff online. What we are going to do is, once we have the collaboration of different boutiques, we will be selling their stuff online through our portal. 

  5. Dear Kaushal, if you requirement is still open and you are still looking for a technology partner please let me know.



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