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Online Marketing — Pay as you feel Ishtyle!

I recently went through a unique but quite popular concept of “Pay as you Feel” restaurants that have cropped up at many corners all over the world. Here’s the Wiki for the same. The concept here is simple, patrons eat whatever they wish to, how much ever they wish to and even pay as much as they wish to! While the concept has been around for years now and has even been tweaked and re-used by many other businesses, I happened to realize that there is nothing such done yet in the online marketing space. While sometimes the people are scared and consider this idea too radical to be implemented, I think it is still possible provided you do it in a smart manner. I have decided to implement the same myself. Let’s see how it goes…

Since I am into the field of online marketing and also a content writer, I decided to have offerings in the same field.

Here are the details:

I will provide you consultation and also execution plans for your firm’s social media and online marketing strategy.

I will provide content for your website/blog/SEO Requirements or any other requirement that you may have.

I will provide inputs/suggestions and feedback on online reputation management and  online promotion strategies for your firm.

You are free to decide how much you wish to pay (or even pay a dime in the first place) at the end of the project. There will be absolutely no obligations from my side for the same!

Why I am doing this?

I have interacted with quite a few people here on The Rodinhoods  who need assistance with their start-ups or ideas in the social media space. But they are either hesitant to ask for it or are skeptical of the same. This is what actually motivated me to do something and here it is!

Just drop me a comment with your business idea and contact details and I will get back to you!!

Keep it going folks…



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  1. @Kunal, Very interesting and exciting offer – considering that most have no idea if they are spending too much or too less on the online marketing. I would surely be interested in exploring. I am available @ rskommu at gmail to connect.

    Best regards,

  2. Hey Karn, 

    I am glad you like the concept! Would love to work with you for your site buddy. 
    I’ll mail you a basic set of questions and ideas by end of day today. Let’s see what we can work out from there onwards..

    PS: I think the ideas a bit too radical acc to many…or folks might be considering me insane to be offering something like this. Who knows 😛 Anyway’s its 96 views and counting 😉

  3. Hey Rajs, 

    There is still a general unawareness of social media that needs to be dealt with I feel. A lot of people do not know the nitty-gritties of it and that is what I hope to change. Let’s see how it goes

    Please let me know something bout your venture and I will get back to you with some questions and a list of possibilities worth exploring



  4. Cool concept, Kunal. This opened up my eyes…why can’t I do the same for my fellow Rodinhoods?

    I specialize in corporate logo designing (you can check out some of the logos I designed for global clients here: ). So, if any of the start-ups need logos, I would be pleased to do it. I’m ready to go by the ‘Pay as you feel’ concept.

  5. Hey Ritesh,

    Thanks for your kind words!

    It was wonderful interacting with you on phone

    Lets meet during the Rodinhoods Meetup this weekend. 

    My email id is



  6. Hey Saravana,

    Glad I could help you mate!

    And am really glad you decided to join the “pay as you feel” bandwagon!

    Hope it turns out to be good for you as it has for me!!

    All the Best,


  7. saravana,

    i suggest you make a separate post in JOBS and share your portfolio there. 


  8. Thanks a lot, Kunal.

  9. Asha

    I’ve posted it in JOBS. Guess it’s waiting for your approval…!

    Thanks in advance.

  10. hi kunal,

    would love to try this out. i manufacture and market .  you can call me on 9820008797 .


  11. Hi Kunal,

    I would like to utilize this opportunity of your great idea and intensive help you are doing for fellow rodhinhooders. I would like to have some marketing help with my business. Can you please ping me at praveen.opencreativs (at) gmail (dot) com

    thank you in advance 🙂

  12. Hey Rahul,

    Am glad you are interested. Let me go through your website and revert in 2 days if that is fine with you.

    You can reach me on or +919892195915



  13. Hey Praveen,

    Am really glad you liked the idea! Would love to help out. 

    Let me take a look at your website and get back to you in a couple of days if that is cool with you



  14. Hi Kunal,

    Messaged you with details.


  15. Kunal, I feel u should start this wid Rodinhood members only otherwise people may take undue advantage.

  16. Hey Manish,

    I agree. As of now it is limited to the Rodinhoods only 🙂



  17. Hi Kunal Shah, smart way to present pay-on-performance model (without any obligation). I am working on creating a 0% brokerage platform for finding roommates and rented accommodation. Just drop your contact information on would love to discuss some ideas with you. 🙂

  18. Hey Prateek,

    Thanks a lot. Am glad you liked the idea!

    Also, your platform’s certainly gonna get you a lot of good wishes from many people today. Finding accommodation has become a huge pain now-a-days but I am hopeful that the scenario will change thanks to folks like you! 🙂 Kudos!

    Give me a days time. I have got more people interested then I can handle at present. I will revert to you by Friday latest.



  19. Hey Vijay,

    Hearty thanks for the compliments! Am really glad you liked the idea.

    As for the payments, I would first like you to see my services for a month at least and then we can decide the pricing.

    I will revert to you with an initial plan by end of day today!



  20. NO doubt that many start ups need a good Online marketing , i am also facing problem , though being from IT background , will love to connect with you please mail me nitish(at)illuminativeworks(dot)com .

  21. Hey Nitish,

    Glad you could connect!

    Let me get back to you by end of day today


    All the Best,


  22. Kunal I liked your idea the most, most of us including me want to do this but hesitate thinking the amount that we’ll get will be less. But you’ve taken the step. All the Best.Count me in as the follower of your idea.

  23. Hey Bhawana,

    I too hesitated initially. I had in fact thought of this idea quite sometime back but did not implement it. Anyways am glad at the response and excitement it has generated. Let’s see how things go from here

    Also, should you be interested in social media/online marketing services just drop in a line here. 🙂

    Keep rocking!!



  24. Hey Venkat,

    Can you tell me a bit about your venture (What is it about, also a website link if possible)

    and also give me your email id. 

    I’ll get back to you


  25. Its a super cool idea, especially in social media, digital marketing areas where output is intangible. Many entrepreneurs (including me) shy away from digital marketing not knowing what will be the outcome of their spend. I would like you to take a look at my venture to see how you can help with out marketing.

  26. Hey Milind, 

    That is precisely the point I wish to address here! Many people think that social media is just another sales platforms but it is anything but that. 

    I’ll go through your website and let you know about what solutions I can offer. Do leave your email id here so that I can revert with possible solutions



  27. I think ideas like these just give great boost to the start-ups. Help them sustain financially and provide consultancy for the growth of a start-up

    A service that i think every start-up should subscribe.

  28. hi kunal 

    i am looking for marketing strategy help and content mentoring for our new product . 

    we can create the content but look forward to your mentorship and monitoring . 

    our product is called kodecrm –

    we are making a complete customer service toolset for startups , sme businesses . 

    by placing our simple widget – features such as live chat , feedback  can be included on any website , fb page 

    social media customer service agents , CRM  are also set up as a complete package alongside the software tools now . 

    looking forward to your thoughts on marketing plans as we prepare to launch soon .  we will be happy to pay up as well as possible 🙂 



  29. Thanks Kunal for posting this. Do get in touch with me at 9545555399 or write back

  30. Very good idea. would be reverting back to you with a few proposals. though i would like to pay fairly for any work that is done

  31. Hey Venkat,

    Mail sent from

    Take Care


  32. Hey Karan,

    Thanks a lot for your interest!

    I would be happy to help you as professional associate (Am not yet worth the title of a mentor :P)

    I would be more than happy to help. Just give me time till Thursday to get back to you. A lot of people are interested so I need to complete the plans am already working on and get back to you. 

    Hope that’s fine

    All the Best,



  33. Hey Sahil,

    Am glad you liked the post. Have sent you a test email from




  34. @kunal . cool 

    lets discuss when you are free . 



  35. Hey Sanchita,

    Am glad you liked the idea. Help me with your email id and I will revert to you. Mine is




  36. This is an ancient method of business and management written in “Bhagvad Geeta… Karm kar fal ki chinta mat kar.” your effort will be back to you in the form of result. All big business are created in same way that is without thinking of creating big business. Your continuous effort will make them big. All the best.

  37. Hey Umakant,

    Wow!! Your words are truly inspiring mate! Thanks a lot!!

    This will certainly help me keep going.

    Take care



  38. Hey Prateek,

    I have emailed you an initial report. Please revert



  39. Hi Kunal Shah,

    A cool marketing funda..:)

    Since you are offering your service and agree to what we pay, would like to know more as how you can help me with . This is a platform for startups and entrepreneurs in Mumbai to connect with each other and is being built with some voluntary contribution. Lets connect over



  40. Hey Kamlesh

    Am glad you liked the idea. Give me time till Monday to revert to you. Will give you an inital plan and we can then take it from there



  41. Hey Nikhil rightly said!

    That was the main reason for my starting this campaign.

    Will email you a report by Tuesday and we can then take it forward from there



  42.  kunal is by far the most genuine guy i have had conversation with and he truly believes in the pay as you feel concept

    as a self help immersed guy i truly believe that the has the concept of abundance in his ideology which in psychology we call  abundance mentality.The abundance mentality is
    ” when you do away things without any expectations things come back to you 10 folds ”

  43. cool man, awesome relativity.

    will touch base, when we reach there.


  44. Hey Vijay,

    I had mailed you on Friday itself 🙁 
    Don’t know why it did not reach you. 

    Anyways am sending it in again in ten minutes.



  45. Thanks a lot Vijay!!

    Let me know your thoughts and suggestion on the report. Once done we can have a call and take it forward from there 🙂


  46. Hi Kunal

    First of all, really sorry for such a delayed response on this. 

    Now here is my take: It’s a good step and yes there are many start-ups who need help with Social media and other marketing content to set the stage for business and if you could do that at the comfort of getting paid as per their convenience, that’s a good news to them. I am sure you must have already received good response over this and you must be putting your time and commitment to make it work. 

    Personally, it’s a humongous task that you have decided to take and I wish you all the best. It would be difficult sometimes to keep up with the regularity as the motivation level drops down at a certain level. I request each and every person, who would be contacting Kunal, to assess his hardwork right as Social media writing is a difficult task. Best wishes to you.

    Keep RockinG!

  47. Hi Kunal,

    it is innovative concept, only confident people gives such a kind of proposal

    as per my experience,such a confident proposal always deliver positive results.

    All the best for your future projects


    Sudhir kumar

  48. hey kunal .

    i loved what you wanted to do. frankly saying as a start-up, i will be loving somebody doing that for me because i am really missing this portion. i started with idea of building a good on-line shopping portal dedicated to  own brand “faith & hope clothing”, but in absence of good marketing , my on-line endeavour hasn’t got wings , instead finding it time worthy i made paradigm shift from internet to retail market and was successful in turning clothing company to retail base market where i ended up selling to 30 retail showrooms across 5 states.  

    as i made wrong choice of developer and wasted  thousand bucks on site construction which hasn’t satisfied me and felt my time and money wasted. now after getting good response from my sellers i have started working on new interface for online portal which will be live in couple of days. my email id is 

  49. Hey Kunal… Thanks a lot for you help .. I think it’s a great initiative for the startups and will help lot of businesses, find their right potential 🙂 

  50. Hey Anamika,

    Thanks a ton for your valuable feedback!! It is certainly very motivating to see a fellow passionate Rodinhood say something good!!

    Having said that, Online marketing and Social Media I feel are very misunderstood in terms of driving traffic, engagement and sales. Often, it is really a difficult task to quantify and measure the results. i have observed this especially for start-ups and new businesses irrespective of the fact as to weather they are in a niche or a competitive market. Creating engaging content too is as difficult if not more.

    My efforts here are to not only help people make the most of these platforms as customer touch-points but also understand the efforts being put in. Hope I am successful 🙂

    Thanks again!!

    KeeP RoKin!!

  51. Hey Sudhir!! 

    Thanks a lot for your kind words. 

    Will try my best to deliver what I can.



    PS: It was wonderful meeting you yesterday!!

  52. Hi Kunal, 

    As a Digital marketer myself , I must say this is a wonderful gesture from you. I would really like to talk to you more about the projects that you have taken up from rodinhoods and maybe pitch in my ideas too. I absolutely loved it when you emphasized about quantifying things in one of your comments. Very few people are able to understand and achieve the same in the digital marketing sphere. You can drop me an email if possible :

  53. Hi Kunal,

    I am starting my venture Would need you to help us with Digital Marketing Plan for same. We wouldn’t mind paying, just need a good kick start and buzz in online media.

    Looking forward for your plan & then discussion, please mail at


    Varun Patel

  54. Hey Sahil,

    As you said, online marketing and entrepreneurship today is indeed a challenging task, especially if one does not get the right set of people. Am really glad that you were able to have successful retail sales that too on such a huge scale!

    Really glad you liked the idea and I would be glad to help you. Just give me time till about Tuesday to get back to you with an initial report as I have been showered with a HUGE number of requests.

    Hope that is fine with you



  55. Hey Kamal,

    Glad you liked the idea and even more glad to help!!

    Will get back to you as soon as I can with an initial report for your venture

    All the Best,


  56. Hey Sanjay,

    Am really happy that you liked the idea, especially since you are a digital marketer yourself. I would love to talk to you about possible associations for projects over here and even otherwise. Let me get back to you tomorrow. Also, I think your email id is and not as seen on your site 🙂

    All the Best in your ventures!!



  57. I always mess that up. Should enable auto correct for that one. Thanks for pointing that out. Will be waiting for your email. 

  58. Hey Varun,

    I would be glad to help you guys!! Just give me time till Tuesday and I will get back to you with an initial report. We can take it forward from there



  59. Haha, its cool! Will revert to you by tomorrow. Incase I forget, you can reach me on or +919892195915


  60. thanks brother for your reply, know you must be very busy as what you have done is like giving free food to starving so you will be rushed like nothing and whenever you are free just make me know . telephonic conversations and personal meetings are welcomed…

  61. Hey Asha thanks a lot!! 

    The offer looks interesting. Let’s see how it goes

    Thanks again!


  62. Hey Vijay,

    Eagerly awaiting your thoughts and feedback on the report sent.

    Do let me know as soon as you can find the time 🙂



  63. Hi Kunal,

    Still waiting for your report? Please let me know as we can proceed on our agreement.



  64. Hey Varun

    Really sorry

    have emailed you. Was unwell last week so could not revert.

    DO check and let me know.



  65. Woah! 1250 views!! 

    And not to mention, a never-ending string of interested folks!! This is DEFINITELY MORE THAN I EVER DREAMT OF! LET ALONE ASKED FOR!

    Thanks a lot to all the Rodinhoods for their feedback and support! Really appreciate it!! Humbled by it!

    Also, Am sincerely sorry for people to whom at times I have not been able to get back. Had been unwell recently and could not revert! Will do all I can to the best of my capabilities. 

    All the Best & Thanks again!!


  66. Hi Kunal

    Please get in touch with me at 9811933111 or mail me at

  67. Awesome idea! We are into Educational Technology and have developed products for colleges and educational institutions. I would want to try the idea of Pay as you feel in my sector. Meanwhile, can you help us with the social media in educational domain? Our target audience is colleges’ administrators.

  68. Hi Kunal,

    Instead of adding a que all the trailing messaged i’ve just dropped you a mail straight on.!

    Hope to find you there.!

  69. Hi Kunal,

    Its a lovely initiative 🙂



  70. Kunal, nice speaking to you. My website is and you can reach me at

  71. hi kunal,

    next month, when you have a breather… i think it would be interesting to share with all of us how you benefitted from this one post! whether any of these leads translated into actual business for you?!

    would also serve as a case study/testimonial of how rodinhooders benefit from each other’s startups!

  72. Hey Asha!

    Woah! That’s a major compliment in a way!

    Will certainly share all the details once done!

    Thanks a lot

  73. Hey Suresh,

    Thanks for your details. Will connect with you tomorrow around 2-3pm

    Take care



  74. Hey Sumit,

    Thanks a lot for your positive feedback!

    At present am working on quite a lot of projects and would like to first know more about your product. Let us connect sometime on Wednesday or so.

    Meanwhile please help me with a website link or something so that I can get an idea about the work you do!



  75. Thanks a lot Bhumika!!

    Best Regards,


  76. Hey Daman,

    IT was a pleasure talking to you on Friday! Let’s connect sometime around Wednesday or so. I will have an initial report ready by then hopefully.



  77. hey its a very thoughtful & lovely idea..ill surely be there to make the most of it!!

  78. Hey Manan,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback! Appreciate it

    As you can see, there are loads of people looking for something like this. Let me get back to you by Thursday with some initial feedback on Yoossup!

    All the Best,


  79. hi kunal,


    let me join you in the brigade,

    Hellllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rodinhooders.

    come on, protect your idea, get it patented/copyrighted/trademarked/design-freezed/et-al. and ‘Pay-as-you-feel-eshtyle’

    no obligations, no convolutions, no revolutions, 🙂

    just write to me, and we will figure out the best way to protect your baby. then we will figure out, where to arrange the moolah 🙂

    drop a mail to   or

    lets spread the fire. 


  80. Just the second post and I already have A Fanttasstic Rodinhood Tee on my hands!!

    Thank you all!

    Keep Rocking!!

  81. Hey Aalok,

    Welcome to the TRHS Pay as you feel Bandwagon! 

    You join me and Sarvana Kumar as Pay as you feel providers!

    Really humbled to know that there are others otu there who also believe in this concept!

    Keep Rocking!



  82. Boss , 

    Hi Kunal,

    I am Amit here,

    I have ventured for last 15 months into Ladies Apparel ( Spl. in Leggings , Jeggings, kurtis, Tunics Tops etc….)

    I am having my products in 70+ outlets in Mumbai ( Mid size Individual Retailers)
    Turnover of Rs.20 lacs in last 15 months.

    Planning online – wholesale as well as Consumer ( End-user platform ) – I wanna have some online suggestions from you

  83. Hey Dhaval,

    Really glad you liked the idea buddy! 

    You can reach me on or +919892195915



  84. Hey Amit,

    First of all congrats on running such a successful business!

    First of all, do you have a website or something that I can check, it will really help.

    Overall, feel free to reach me on



  85. Hi Kunal,

    I don’t know if your “Pay As You Feel” concept signifies “Work As You Feel”. Amid of lots of discussions & follow ups with you from our team since last 1 month, you hadn’t replied on the execution plan for the project you undertook.

    In case you are busy working on another projects then you can at least reply us or can tell us clearly about your unavailability to work on our project, so that we can either stop following you or can appoint some another person on the same.

    Appreciate your feedback.

  86. hey kunal and varun

    varun me kind off glad that you raised the issue. as that’s the same thing what happened though i don’t hope for any further action , “kunal my brother i told you only take those much of projects which you can handle or otherwise it can impact your image”. see i believe that you will be very busy as you got the superb idea for the start ups , but don’t you think that not abiding to your words and than no reply is ethically incorrect for any business or entrepreneur.

    i hope you emerge as a winner but do take few necessary steps asap.. 

  87. Hey Varun,

    I can understand that as well!

    @Kunal – We won’t mind if you deny our projects and say no, but communicate with us. We do understand nothing is free, you might be having some issues which we cannot understand. 

    Don’t worry I had already assumed that you wont be interested in working on the project (can’t wait for 2 months just to get idea as what can be done)

    Doing good work takes lot of efforts and when their’s no money involved motivation also goes away, so may be u need to reconsider the strategy of Pay as you Feel Ishtyle.

    Wish you all the best in your endevour !


  88. Sahil, Varun,

    First of all, am really sorry for not having been able to deliver despite my commitment to you for the same. The problem was not too many projects but I was torn between personal responsibilities and professional commitments. I have completed both your jobs and emailed you as per the respective discussions that we have had. Please let me know if you have received the same. 

  89. Hi Vijay,

    This is just to let you know that we have still been waiting for updates from your side. 

    PFA details of our email exchange. 

  90. @Vijay – Glad you posted the screenshots and gave more clarity to what you are saying and what was the reply of other person.

    It seems supporting the truth is more harmful than saying the truth, I am paying the price for supporting the truth,but one should not forget Truth Shall be Out

    @Aman Jha – Still want to defend your friend saying I am wrong and your friend is doing the right thing? Think again .   am yet to reply to your Comment, yet, be patience and I bet it will be the longest reply in the history of Rodinhood Community.

    Brace Yourself 

  91. hey kunal

    yes just checked your mail sad to hear you lost a friend, i know it’s very hard to concentrate on other things, but brother i feel that we all are here human beings only, who understand pain and emotions , so a little message stating your condition could have done wonders. none of us who i complaining is million dollar club entrepreneur . there are few things which can wait and at least i understand that ,if you had discussed a problem i don’t think there was anybody having problem with that., personally feel that there is no bigger loss than “name or respect “, all materialistic things can come and go but hard to build trust. still it’s not too late yet i will suggest that you first complete with other projects first so that you can catch up with deadline of other fellow Rodinhoods

    take care 

  92. All those condemning Kunal,

    I wish not to be taking a one-sided case. 

    I understand the condition which a lot of Kunal’s would be or are clients are of him. If he has been through an issue which he can’t discuss and hampers his professional work, yes it is bound to damage his image. Yet I would say if the person has done something which can be rectified and the task taken up by him, if he is capable of fulfilling it, I would suggest please keep patience, haste makes waste, if you’ll have waited for so long then I don’t see any damage waiting for a few days.

    I did have a word with him, where he did state that yes he will be completing your work. I wish to also point out, that “Pay as you feel” is his idea and if someone is blaming him that the money factor is deleted so he is delaying is I feel a one sided verdict and not hearing the other one out.

    I feel Kunal should have priorly replied to your mails and given you the reason for his delay. Yet when a person is not in his state of mind, the damage is bound to happen, I have seen incidents where people have lost belief in themselves and taken years to get them resurrected.

    I don’t blame anyone here, its normal human tendency, even if a order is delayed in a restaurant we are annoyed, if its stale we are all the more angry. So I do understand.

    But condemning someone on such a big platform, I will say it shows a bit of disrespect to the other Rodinhooders, like if I would be in any service sector and taking up this style of payment. It is bound that I should raise my level of work to your expectations. As the money is not accounted here since there are no prior commitments on any proforma nor any invoice till you are satisfied.

    I would state that if you have any issue please contact Kunal as he is available at your disperse. 

    I would also not take up a job of “Pay as you feel” for those who are condemning Kunal now, as this shows the respect you have for the other human being. I would suggest all to think that say someone or something near and dear to you is lost out of the blue, all of a sudden, I feel you too won’t be able to work for a few weeks. and I bet you won’t reply to your mails then.

    I’m a friend of Kunal, but I’m not defending him, since he is at fault. But disregarding and putting up screenshots, does show what level you can go to, to just disrespect another professional. Another example, if the doctor gave you a medicine for fever and it doesn’t reduce in a few days, does it mean you’re going to go and break his clinic, show some respect guys.

    Its easy to disrespect, disgrace or condemn someone, but its really hard to stand up for your own mistakes. 

    Thus be patient if you have been for such a long period. Kunal is available at your disperse, please contact him.

    I tend not to create war with my words but peace.


    Karan Pandhi

    I’m ready to take the hits for my friend.

  93. @karan padhi – We are not at all condeming his work or efforts here. We know he might have helped others and other have benefitted with his help for sure, but one should always reply and close it, instead of extending. An clear Update always help…:) I think being upfront in business is that we all expect and appreciate. Agree?

    Sorry I have to write such a long reply because I was dragged for no reason by someone! which ultimately turned out hurting factor for Kunal. Just keep yourself in myshoes and see…:)

    Again same here I don’t want to extend this discussion but put an end to it !


  94. dear all,

    i suggest you all stick to the post and the facts.

    if you have any personal differences with each other – take it off therodinhoods. we’re not interested.

    we don’t tolerate personal attacks on each other so refrain from doing that.

    there is a certain decorum we all must follow!

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