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News – Lets Talk about Party


Hey All,

It was really nice to listen wise views & meet energetic set of doers at the Open House in Bangalore.

In case you remember my ppt. about, thanks for your patience. For those who missed it, I don’t want you guys to wander any more on Saturday Nights sneaking to get entry to Clubs & Discs or spend evenings figuring out the fine beer joint. So, this is what we do. is a one stop platform for you around Nightlife, Events, Parties,Concerts, Clubs, Beer, Happiness, Good Times in your city.

We solve following very crucial problems in your life 🙂 

a) You wanna impress your girl friend & not screw up her mood by landing in sad parties or shady clubs. Or Let’s say, she has given you following precise specs about where you should take her for Valentine dinner…Open Air, roof top, House Music, Candle Light, Smoking Area, Fresh Beer etc – Don’t screw it up, Check live party updates on! For special Occasions like New Year Eve or Holi or Valentine day – Check Special Deals/ Tickets.

b) You don’t wanna feel embarrassed at the counter while Bouncer stares at you in front of Disc counter as you are not in couple. Book your Guest List / Entry Passes/ tables @ and get the Best Deal !!

c) You don’t wanna caught up by cops and are totally game to go to nearest party with your friends. Find out the parties within 3 miles range & get the best deal.

d) You don’t wana be a loner on Sat Night. Find out where your friend’s are partying. Join them @ !!

e) This one specially for all b’ful ladies. You have put in so much effort to get dressed & be in the gig,

“thoda flaunt karna to banta hai”. Flaunt your Nightlife!. Upload your Nightlife pics, videos & Share on all platforms.

So, In simple words, we ensure your Evenings to be awesome and provides you to keep flaunting/socializing around that with all the fellow clubbers. Also, form your own unique clubbing groups & stomp the party. Its fun, try it on !! Android App Coming Soon.

For more info find the slides below!

Oyeparty – Redefining the way you Party!







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  1. ranjan,

    i found three fb pages while sharing scheduling your post over fb – oyeparty chennai, hyd, pune. but no b’lore. are they are part of your venture only??? (the logo is same…)

    i was under the impression you posted only about b’lore related events…

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