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Pamfy App on Google Play Store

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce that we just launched our App called Pamfy on Google Play Store. If you are a Startup or an existing business and want to get free promotions please download our App and post your New Business or New Offer or New Event.

About the App: The App does exactly what a physical pamphlet should do – Spread the word!


Free of cost marketing and promotion,
Offline support (call us at 8412873562/ 7387438889),
Choose your own category and input your full contact- Email, Website, Phone number, Skype, etc (no restrictions),
User can directly call the business from the App,
Market your business by sharing with your friends network

Uniqueness: We are the first of our kind in the world making pamphlets digital and helping businesses with advertisements and promotions.See our video here:



Please See the Screenshots below

We invite all feedback and suggestions, our focus is to make the app more functional than its looks. Hence we have tried to keep it very simple. 

In case yo have any questions please let us know.

Please spread the word.






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  1. Looks good, Keerthi!

    To attract businesses you need to increase no. of app downloads and people will only download the app when there are a lot of offers – so it’s kind of a chicken-egg situation you see!

    Few suggestions – your Facebook and Twitter profiles can be improved – add more info there. You can add the explainer video to the app listing page on Play Store. Also, come up with use cases – the video shows how easy it is to use the app which is good. If you can explain the benefits for users, both consumers and business owners, that will be helpful.

    Keep it up!

  2. Dear Saikat,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, we just launched the app and we’re focusing on getting as many downloads as possible. We’ll try to improve FB and Twitter profiles. We just shot an amateurish video last night. Here’s the link:

    This kinda explains how the app works. We will make a much professional video soon, that’ll go on Play Store. You are right on the money- we will be making videos about the benefits for consumers and businesses.

    Thanks again for all the feedback. Please spread the word.


  3. hey keerthi,

    feel free to edit your post and EMBED (don’t just share the link pls) the video on it. 


  4. Nice Initiative Keerthi, Businesses can use Digital Pamflets to spread their words to reach targeted customer

    Keep it up

  5. Done 🙂

  6. Nice concept.

    It really helpful for new startups.

    Will go through the the same in detail.



  7. Thanks Alok. Please download- Pamflets. It’s free.
    Please ask your friends to download as well.

  8. Looking good keerthi,

    Downloaded the App and will upload a pamflet soon.

  9. Awesome . Please spread the word, Amit.

  10. Sorry but when I try to add my business profile on this app then Face some technical issue

  11. Pravin, please watch the video here:

    And follow the steps. I hope you downloaded the correct App. It’s now called Pamfy. Here’s the link:

  12. Are you a services company or a product company?

    DONT answer just like that. THINK first…

    Also read 

  13. Alok,

    We started out as a service. We have clients such as Grofers, UBER, FIITJEE, etc. However, we learnt that we cannot scale. Hence started working on the product Pamfy:
    We hope to scale up fast and keep building the product. Our goal is to help businesses with promotions.

  14. Hi Nice Initiative.

    So you’d like people who already have printed Hard copies (Pamphlet) to put pic of their pamphlets and upload it on pamphy.

    Then what – how the end user will be able to leverage the offers / info..

    Also, I see its more specific to Maharashtra and Pune, Are you guys expanding to other cities / states.

    Coz, from what I see you can have someone in Delhi to collect pamphlets, click picture and just upload it by themselves, which is a doable task…



  15. Thanks Aman. Yes, people who have printed pamphlets can upload it on Pamfy or they could just use any banners/ images of their business and still put all the information in the description. We have not restricted on sharing email/ website or phone numbers. So people can contact the businesses via all platforms.

    Currently we are focusing on businesses alone. Once we have a substantial number of businesses onboard we will ask every business to offer exclusive discounts on Pamfy. Users will take advantage of these exclusive offers.

    We are not just Pune and Maharashtra. Anyone from anywhere in the world can upload their pamphlet on the app. Users have a provision to set notifications range, if they select say 10km they will only get offers/ notifications from around 10km area. So People anywhere in the world can use our app. When you upload your pamphlet our app automatically takes your location and this determines how local users will get in touch with you.

    I hope this answers all your questions. 

  16. Nice work Keerthi! 

    People like to gain brownies anywhere, and may be on any product or services. And if those brownies come with little or no investment, the product is sure to gain traction. I find this pamphlet app is something new, and cherry on the cake is – the app is free!

    Wish you luck and success Keerthi.

  17. Thanks for the support, Moumita. We would like to be the goto App for promotions. We have helped several businesses with offline promotions- pamphlet distribution on streets, near schools & colleges, outside the malls, etc. We wanted to transition the same into digital, hence the app. We hope businesses will take advantage of our app for their promotions. 

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