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Peer-to-Peer Lending in India – An Easy And Reliable Alternative Lending Solution

Hi All,

I’d like to introduce to you Lendbox , a leading online Peer-to-Peer lending platform in India. Lendbox brings lenders and borrowers together. The biggest benefit of using Lendbox is that it is completely transparent and hassle free.

Currently, it caters to small loans over a short time period. It offers loans less interest rate to the borrowers and high returns for the investor. How do we do that? Unlike the banks and other financial institutions we have minimum processing charges.

Is it Peer-to-Peer lending Safe?

To be frank, it is the safest investment option. The borrower and lender can directly interact. We list only verified lenders and borrowers on the platform. Full documentation, third party background check etc. is performed and there is complete scrutiny to avoid frauds. 

Scared to take risk with one borrower?

At Lendbox, you are free to invest your money in multiple borrowers. 

As a lender you also:

  • Earn higher interest returns on your investments as much as 36%
  • Invest as low as Rs. 10,000 in multiple verified & creditworthy borrowers
  • Earn monthly returns and without any hidden charges

How do I know benefit as a borrower?

  • Save more with interest rates as low as 12%
  • Hassle free borrowing process, interact with lenders directly
  • Avail small loans Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 without any hidden charges

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  1. hi nidhi,

    as a layperson reader, i’m not convinced.

    could you pls share who you and your team are? what is your background? how do i trust you? when did you start up? do you have any clients? 

    the more details you add to your post – the more clarity we will get – coz i’m super intrigued about what you are doing here!

    pls put up more details on this post itself. just edit and add 🙂

  2. Could anybody comment whether they’ve had experience with, a similar p2p site that started 2 years back?

  3. How can I borrow at 12% and earn at 36%????

  4. I guess we could lend to ourselves and make a fortune 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing this great article
    It was really helpful

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