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Problems and business ideas. Pls help me build a successful company!

Hello Rodinhoods,

I am starting this discussion as I start my entrepreneurial journey. I have got into Founder Institute ( which is the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, helping aspiring founders across the globe building enduring technology companies. As I am set forward to this great journey, I request you to help me with your insights, feedback and support through this process. I would keep you updated on my progress each week over the next few months.

My Ideas

Idea1: Better exposure to students 
Problem: Being part of the Indian Education System for so long, I have identified many issues that could have made my life and my friend’s lives easier. So the day, I realized the importance of bringing about change in this I wanted to focus my all energies in this direction. Students need to take better-informed decisions and should be able to choose unconventional path in their careers.


For this, I want to come up with articles, thought provoking questions and information that will motivate them. The medium I have chosen for this purpose Is a Notebook.  This notebook will also provide an initial platform to some of those motivated students. (For Ex : The art on this notebook is by a budding artist) .

The initial motivation for a student to buy my notebook will be good information, better quality and incredibly low price. I can achieve this low price by providing Ad spaces to companies. The companies can choose their target audience based on the parameters such as Age, Gender, and Location.  In future, I wish to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing by using QR codes. 

Further, We want to collaborate with cultural and technical clubs at schools and colleges and will help them organizing events which can help the students in gaining knowledge about in their area of interest and our associated partners will be featured  as partners at the events conducted by the company. 

Idea2: Effective Target Based Advertising through Offline 

Problem:  Traditional Advertisement Medium such as Flyers, TV commercials, Print Media, Billboards and etc. offers reaching many people but, there is no proper targeting and analytics such as conversion rates and lot of other parameters.

Solution/Offerings: We look at innovative ways of reaching target customers through different products which are interactive with the end users and offers longer Ad shelves and with the integration of technology such as QR codes can provide analytics and helps the companies to chose their target customers and maximize their sales by effective Ad budgets.
Idea3: Mobile App
Problem: Everybody needs Convenience and benefit. We all love extra discount or something which  you can easily earn, But, unfortunately, there are not many reliable opportunities available in the Market.  
Solution/Offering: Often we feel Advertisements as a disturbance. But, Advertisement is a great source of information and it has a power to bring the change by the right kind of advertising. We are working on a mobile app which offers infotainment and also rewards the users with credits( loyalty points) which they can easily redeem at our partner’s stores(Online/Offline) who offers great products/services to the target segment.

I always felt that the best person to lead such an initiative should be the one who realized the importance of it. All throughout my life, I was waiting for an opportunity to put my skills to use and at the same time, lend a helping hand to future students. Hence, the entrepreneurship idea. Once this idea is successful, students with modest upbringing should be able to pursue their lines of passion and give 100% in whatever they do. This will actually give me a lot of self-satisfaction as I am able to provide a student with means which I missed in my life. At the same time, as companies will be able to reach their target audience, it will generate sufficient revenues and help me in scaling.


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  1. sorry to sound blunt, but it seems you have been living in a cave for the past few years

    1) Check out Ted, Quora etc – thats what your problem no 1 is

    2) Google Adsense and Adwords solves problem no 2

    3) Your problem no 3 is just too confusing! You mention ads, entertainment, offline, passion, modest, revenues?!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT

  2. Thanks Alok for your response,

    Let me just put more details here,  Idea1:  I know about Ted, Quora and agree that they play a key role in offering better exposure to students. Quora is an online web & mobile platform loaded with tons of content. Where as we have chosen Notebooks as a medium for this purpose. Because, iIf you look at the stationary market in Inida, 75-80% of the notebooks market is unorganized and most of the students opt for cheap quality notebooks priced at INR 25-30. Here, we also have premium quality notebooks being priced at INR 60 – 250 which only caters to the 10- 13% of the Notebooks market. We want to make these premium quality notebooks available to every student by subsidizing the notebooks price with the Ad revenues from the notebook. So, we gonna tap on  unorganized sector of the notebooks market which is of 4,000 crores.  

    And for the Advertisers, notebooks offers longer ad shelves when compared to online advertising channels. And with integration of trackable QR codes on the print advertisements and which also allows the advertisers to change the Landing page any time. So we want to be as an advertising company who is trying to bridge the gap between the companies and the students. We want to explore this notebooks market by using technology.

    And Ted, They do conduct great talks and bring many inspiring people and the topics. I just love them. May be we partner with them and take them to our rural areas and help them conducting many inspiring sessions and our partners ( Advertisers) will also be get benefitted.

    And yeah 3rd idea : nothing concrete yet actually, Recently I came across through people who have graduated from top universities like NITs, IITs, and State universities such as JNTU, Osmania and many other. Some of these bright students got into Top MNC’s and fed up with jobs as they studied something and working on something and some of these students couldn’t get in to jobs and all these people altogether formed as community and running behind Easy money. check about  Qnet ( . And some of them are able to survive and some of them are again on roads. They all never wanted to do this and they are not happy doing this either. they are just doing this because it gives them Easy money. 

    So, I want to use advertisements as they are the great source of innovations, and offer them as infotainment videos and stories about people which will be as an opportunity for user to earn loyalty points which they can earn by regularly checking out the video they like and by reading the articles they like and earn points and redeem them anywhere easily just sharing your mobile number.  This app can be also used as QR scanner for earning points by scanning the advertisements on our notebooks and other booklets and products we come up with in future.

    Hope, I made some sense this time.

    Would love to listen your views about it.

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