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Publishing help for newbie author

Dear Rodinhoods,

I am just finishing my first fiction novel and want to start finding out how to get it published. I have googled the relevant articles and done some research.

Specifically, I am now looking for good freelance editors and book cover designers. So, first, if anyone can help me putting in touch with relevant people in these categories (or related ones in the world pf publishing), I would be very thankful.

Next, would love to touch base with any of you who have got your work published to get some tips. Self-publishing seems to be a rising trend but for now, I’m trying to stick to traditional methods to increase the exposure.

Also, I was considering kickstarter to help get the work published but not sure if its a good idea for Indian projects. Any thoughts? In a tech entrepreneurial spirit, I’m trying to find innovative ways to promote the work online and would love to hear any comments. I would at least put up a site with sample chapters and an introductory story so that I can start building some engagement.

Lastly, would love to get feedback on a sample chapter, so if you are willing to read a small 1400 words chapter and give your comments, please leave a message and I’ll send it to you.

Thanks and I hope you had a colorful Holi!

P.S. I’m updating this post to add some helpful resources I found online-

How to Get Your Book Published
Literary agents in India
Writing effective Query Letters


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  1. hi nistha,

    pls check this post out – you may want to connect with shobhit. i suggest you share the link of this post as a comment on his thread:

  2. Hi Nistha

    I’m ready to help you out in getting your book designed. Just send me the script and I will do some sample designing along with proof-reading. You can also have a look at some of the covers I designed for my clients. If you wish, I can do one for you. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Saravana, will message you the details.

  4. Thanks, Asha. Done.

  5. nistha… pls go through this post as well – some of the responses here might be helpful.

  6. Hey Nishtha,

    Would love to read your book and give honest feedback! You can mail me on 



  7. Hi Nistha, 

                  All the best for your upcoming novel. I would be interested in editing, as I have got good eye for detail. Have worked with Rashmi Bansal on her ‘Follow Every Rainbow’ book.

    Thanks in Advance,


  8. Hi Nistha,

       I too had written a novel and was really confused about publishing guidelines, after alot of search i found a free publishing site called “widbook” where you can publish your book for free of cost. I’m looking for you fiction based story, You can read mine too.

  9. Thanks, message sent!

  10. Hi Nitisha,

    I have a few friends who do proof reading, and are also newbie writers, if you can do mail me on

    will be glad to give you a feedback on it.

    If you need any help on copyrights, do let me know I know a few people whom I have contacted for my own book, which is yet to be completed, just to let you know I’m a short story writer, not a big novel writer. Yet would be glad to help.

  11. Thanks Surabhi, so did you self publish the book on widbook? How did you handle the marketing part etc.? I’m trying to stick to traditional publishing if I can find any takers.I found this article helpful, see if you can get something out of it too –

  12. Have sent you a friend request, please accept so that I can message you. Thx

  13. Updated the post to add some links that I thought are helpful for aspiring authors who want to get published.

  14. Hello Nistha,

    First of all, congratulations on completing the book. To start writing a book is one thing but to be able to finish it and make sense of it is a different ball game all together.

    To start of with the issue of freelance editors, professional ones are pretty hard to come by. Like it or not, you are left at the mercy of your proof-readers. Moreover, any publication house that picks up your work for printing will have their editors in place to fine-tune your book and make it as error free as possible. As for cover design, that again is decided by the publication house. All you can do is send in your suggestions. Since most of them have a design team in place or have collaboration with some designer or the other, it is in very rare cases that a first time author’s cover page suggestion is actually implemented.

    Coming to the publication bit, luckily for us, compared to the past few years, there are a lot more players in the publication business at this moment. You can shoot a mail to the major publishing houses like Rupa, Srishti, Grapevine, Penguin, Random house (the email ids and websites for the same can be found online), stating that you have just finished writing a book and that you would like to know their procedure of getting published. Most of them usually ask for a synopsis and 2-3 sample chapters (soft copy or hard copy again varies with the publication house) and take roughly 2 months to get back to you with their verdict. Only if they approve the initial draft, do they send you the letter of intent. The terms and conditions differ drastically from one publication house to other so be careful before you sign the dotted line.

    If you don’t get a favourable response from the top ones, try the smaller publication houses which are aplenty. If still nothing comes of it, self-publication can then be looked upon as an option.

    Coming to the marketing bit, for starters, Facebook is the easiest and cheapest platform available. You should also start a blog of your own to build a loyal readership. Besides, once you have the printed book in hand, you can approach various bookchains like landmark or crossword to have a small launch of your book.

    Apart from that, I really liked Amish Tripathi’s idea of getting hard copies of the first chapter of his first book and requesting bookstores to give them for free to their customers. The idea is a bit taxing, but it sure worked for him.

    Best wishes in your pursuit of getting published and hope to have a copy of your book in my hands pretty soon. 🙂

    Warm regards


  15. Thanks for taking time to write all that helpful information Shobhit! Might message you for specific questions but this was awesome 🙂 And will update you on the progress. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

  16. Ya Nistha, have accepted your request. 

  17. I have helped my friend Aditya Kripalani ( Author Back Seat and sequel Front Seat ) self publish in the  past. you can get in touch and I can give you insights on self publishing and/or reaching out to the right publisher for your work. 🙂

  18. Hi Nishta ,

    I am into content writing and editing. I would be happy to assist you in your endeavour. I have edited a lot of books for my friends. my email id is

  19. Plz send your email info, thx so much

  20. Thx Rohit!

    I am sending you a message right now.

  21. Congrats!!! Nistha :))

    I would love to read, please send me the content at

    Best of Luck!!!

  22. Thanks Rupesh, emailing today itself!

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