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Regarding discounted Coupons like 25% off or ek pe ek free..

Hello everyone,
Guys I have a great plan in mind and for that i need to do tie ups with all big brands for discounted coupon. 
For eg, the way some online mobile recharge portals give discounted coupons during recharge. 

For this, is there any marketing agency who can help me do the tie ups since contacting the exact person authorized, directly for me is becoming tough with some brands and some brands are very very supportive but some are… (best unsaid)

Please help me how can i get this level clear.

Waiting for contacts, tips, suggestions which can make me do this task easily and quickly..

Thanks in advance..


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  1. anyone any idea ??

  2. Hey Manan,

    I am not too sure whether it’ll help you or not but just providing some basic info incase you have no idea about it.

    One of the best way to get associated with large brands especially eCommerce sites is through their affiliate programs. They give you an unique affiliate link and pay you for every sale you generate through it. They also come up with coupons on a time to time basis. So if the customers buy at the site using the coupon code through your affiliate link, you make money!

    If you require more information regarding it, please get in touch with me.

    Just my two cents!

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