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Require Python (Django) dev with good experience, job + co-founder opportunity

Hi All,

I am planning to launch a SAAS startup, looking for a python dev who is familiar with Django framework. If you know Odoo its even better! Must be from Mumbai! Unless you are super awesome, then can consider outside Mumbai. The website is Check it out, you will get a complete idea on what we want to build. 

Happy to pay some money, and happy to have you on board as a co-founder if you have the right skill and entrepreneurial spirit!

Call me on 09892603209 or mail me at 

A bit about myself – I am currently working as a Sr. Product manager at I launched India’s first private label lingerie brand – FSY –, which I shut down in Dec 2014. I am also doing ecommerce consultancy – you can find my work at Basically I love tech and building awesome tech products. 

Twitter – @rohhan


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