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The Rise of Mobile Game Industry: Facts behind the Rise

Mobile gaming has become one of the emerging sectors in the recent years with the adoption of advanced technologies. It has surpassed Console and PC games with the increasing consumers’ interest. According to a 2016 report, mobile gaming stands in the top of the list of the gaming world across different game platforms. Considering this huge growth, many mobile app development companies have added game development as a new service to their service portfolio.

Here are some factors that help you understand why the mobile game industry is rising:

Attractive Features:

Today mobile games are pretty advanced with detailed graphics and interesting storylines that can help a user to have a captivating game play. Some new features implemented in the games help users play for long time. But in normal video games, users don’t feel anything to play for a long time.

Easily Accessible:

In the past, during the PC gaming era, users had to be hooked to their PC screens for hours to play some good games with great graphic features. But now gamers can easily play great multiplayer games through mobile phones itself. People are getting connected to the internet faster than ever, and now most of the public places provide Wi-Fi facility that allow them to play games through the network easily.

Reduced Cost:          

The reduced development cost is another factor that decides the success of mobile gaming industry in recent times. Mobile games require less intensive coding and graphics than the normal PC and console games, as screen size and graphic features are not required to be robust as PC and console games. This allows mobile game developers to produce good quality games with less coding and in less time. This ultimately decreases the production cost as compared to PC and console games.

Innovation and Development:    

There are many innovations happening in the gaming technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic displays and many technologies that have enhanced the gaming experience for users. Take an example of Pokémon Go, an Augmented Reality based game that was released last year and became the fastest growing game with massive downloads surpassing leading mobile apps in the app store in very short span of time. It shows a clear indication that mobile gaming industry is emerging.

The Rise will continue:

As the technology is evolving rapidly, the rise of mobile games will go higher. This can really happen when better quality games come to the market with immersive graphics and with the introduction of games that offer relaxation for users by providing some mental simulation and that may result in better productivity.

The factors that are discussed above are only few factors that are enabling the rise of mobile games in the gaming industry. With the updated technology and fast innovations happening in the tech world, the current gaming industry can soon see the next gaming revolution.

Considering these factors, many mobile game companies came to the existence around the world developing different kind of games by adopting trending technologies.

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