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Rodinhood goodies… and the Oct, Nov, Dec 2013 winners are…..!!!


(many more have been awarded)


Dear all,

As you can see I’m wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy behind the tee schedule 🙁

A million apologies, without further ado – the story of the tee for our newbies! (there are lots of them now!

Rohit Kabra – FbPay

Ruchit Garg – 9 Slides

Prukalpa Sankar – SocialCops

Content on trhs has taken new shapes and sizes. Our ASK section is truly becoming the quora of indian startups. I would urge you all to read the ASK section regularly – to gain insights from the comments and to earn good karma by answering some of them and pointing other rodinhooders in the right direction.

Drumroll…. and posts that won a tee in the months of Oct, Nov, Dec 2013 are….

Rishi’s debut post (many other rocking ones have followed already!) – 10 startup lessons I learned even before my first startup 

Khopcha  – Rajeev Roy’s crazy crazy idea! Salute his spirit of craziness & conviction to do something different 

So Salil posted his pnr prediction tool that predicts the final charting status for wait-listed railway tickets! After Alok shared this post his site couldn’t handle the traffic!!! Shows how much traction posts in our Showcase! can get!!

Alex’s experience with crowdfunding (tangle) – this is EVERYTHING you need to know about crowdfunding 🙂 

Special tee wins!

Pankaj Chaddah the co-founder of Zomato – for signing up to respond to this post!

Vinit Bhansali – the Good Samaritan who ensured we reached B’lore airport in time to catch our flight back!! (read Alok’s comment on this thread)

Jitendra Chaturvedi of Indore, for graciously offering to get our Sept. Mumbai OH video edited by his agency, The Agence! We will post the vids soon!


Offline tee wins:

Delhi OH:

Rohit Kabra – FbPay [He really rocked the house!]

Niharika Jain – Safecity

Angad Singh – Anhadedutrain

Mayank Batra – Campuspedia

Ratjat Girdhar – ArrangedLuv


B’lore OH:

Prukalpa Sarkar – SocialCops

Arjun Zacharia of Wooplr

Priyadeep Sinha – Gyaan labs

Kapil Kumar – surfmark

Ranjan Ambastha – OyeParty

Purushottam Desai – My life spectrum

Sourish Ghosh & Asutosh Mahapatra for capturing the entire event.


Dear newbies pls check out the Rodinhood Laptop Skin (above) courtesy – our Laptop Skin Partner. [photo credit abhik prasad].

RH LAPTOP SKINS winners for Oct, Nov, Dec:

Rishi’s second post was just as engaging – check out #FAB! 

What to do when you are broke building your startup? Paritosh’s naked ASK – kudos!! 

Anoop Nair asked us – quit or continue?

Ankit Anubhav’s BreakupHelpline was facing some major payment gateways issues… and his post rocked the party! Pls read each comment – everyone gave amazing insights!!

Saif asked about partnership ke side effects and started a viral side effect!

Special laptop skin win awarded to Abhash Kumar – for being our twitter knight at the B’lore OH!

Thank you Akash for these goodies!

[skin winners – you might want to check out this video.

Pls note sizes: Large – 15 x 10 inches    Small – 13.5 x 9.4 inches] 

Congrats Winners! Here’s what you gotta do – 

Send an email to therodinhoods Co-ordinator, Manoj – [cc] with your mailing address & phone number and pls mention your tee size – S, M, L or XL [size reference – Alok wears L]

Pls check the size chart – width of tees:

S – 19 inches     M – 20 inches    L – 21 inches    XL – 22 inches


[*stock dependent – if your size isn’t available in a particular colour pls don’t stomp your feet!!!] 


My “send your pic” spiel – Previous/current tee winners – pls send me ( a pic of you wearing your rodinhood tee to be included in our facebook page Rodinhood Tee Winners album. Or simply add it here on this thread as a comment! Laptop Skin winners ditto for you as well! 





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  1. Okay, so my tee is on its way to me! 😀

    Thank you The Rodinhoods, Alok and Asha 🙂 

  2. Thank you Asha, Alok, and folks on #trhs! 🙂

  3. Thank you The Rodinhoods, Alok and Asha 🙂 

  4. YAYYY!! Thanks Asha and #trhs team 🙂

  5. WOW….. this is AWESOME …. needed it so badly …. after all I am so very proud to be a member of this prestigious forum called The Rodinhoods. Rajeev go out and spread the word now.

    Thanks a million ton @asha ; @rodinhood & all the gr8 entrepreneur out there ….

    Want to check what got me this Tee. Click Here – 100 Covers Restaurant without a Single Table or Chair …


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