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Rodinhood meet at Indore

UPDATE: We are meeting on Dec 15th (Sunday) at 4pm in BCM Heights CCD. Please join if you are in Indore and bring your interested friends along (would be great if you can RSVP). We have a whatsapp group for internal communication, please msg me your number to be included there. 

I think there are non trivial number of Rodinhooders in Indore and I was hoping to get together to chat and exchange ideas. I do not know if there is some standard way of organizing meetups here, so please excuse my ignorance if I am breaking any rules. 

How about meeting on Dec 13 evening which happens to be a Friday? Please reply if you are interested in meeting up at Indore. If this doesn’t work for you, please suggest an alternative date. Will add more details (venue etc) once we know how many people are interested.

P.S. Asha, please let me know if I am missing something. 


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  1. hi nistha,

    i think it’s awesome that you want to meet up with other rodinhooders based in indore!

    i think once you get a fix on the numbers you could all meet over coffee and exchange notes. and when you’re up to it can even organise structured meetups like the rodinhooders of delhi do!

    to give you an idea…

    what the rodinhooders of delhi do, is decide on a topic that a lot of them need to address. and then they call for presentations on the theme. 

    or they invite a couple of rodinhooders to do a brief workshop with them!

    feel free to write to me at before/after your first coffee meet so we can get the ball rolling for the indoris 🙂

  2. Thanks, that sounds great! 

  3. Sounds great…. if possible host a meet on meetup to know no. of people participating

  4. nistha…

    i’ve pinged tanutejas – he is one our rockstars – he will surely help lead the indore team!

  5. Wow. This is awesome.

    Sure, 13th Dec eve is fine. 

    I will spread the word among people whom I met in different Meetups in Indore.

    Will bring more rockstars. :))

  6. Hey Tanutejas! Awesome, looking forward 🙂

  7. Hi Nistha,

    Thanks for the initiative. 

    Me and my Partner would be there for the meet on Friday, the 13th 😉

    Would spread the word in my network. Lets create a whatsapp group for TRHS Indore. My number is 9890031785. It will help in bringing other interested people on board quickly.


  8. Sounds good Kunal, creating one now…other members who are interested, plz msg me your numbers as well!

  9. Great idea Nistha, thanks for the initiative.
    Will be there.

    Excited about Friday the 13th. We’ll break the jinx…

  10. Hey Nistha,

    I am from Indore (but currently live in Bangalore), I will be in Indore from 8th to 13th, coming back on 13th evening. What time/place were you planning for?


  11. Hey Natwar, Actually we might reschedule it to 14 or 15 since more people are available on weekends. If we end up meeting on 13th, I will inform you! But if you want to catch up individually, drop me a message 🙂

  12. Hi Nistha,

    I would love to join. But not sure if I can make it on 13th. It would be great if you could postpone it to 14th or 15th.

    Thanks for the invitation.

  13. I have updated the date and venue, please check the post again.

  14. Hi Nistha,

    Finally some action in the foodie city !!

    Kindly count me in too 🙂 Let me know if you need a helping hand.

    My # 9407111116

  15. AWESOME! Congrats!!!

  16. Alright, so the first Rodinhood meetup of Indore did happen!! It was great meeting the 6 other enthusiastic startup buggers. We intend to make it a monthly event and hopefully motivate more people to join.

    Thanks Asha and Alok for giving this platform to all of us!

    Thanks Tanutejas, Praneh, Roshan, Kunal, Rashmirathi and Anuj!

    P.S. Missed the photograph, may be next time 🙂

  17. awesome!!

    yes pls – we have a special album on our fb page for #CoffeeMeets so keep the pix coming!!

  18. Hello All Rodinhoods.

    Wishing all of you & your families a very happy & colourful Holi.

    I am a seasoned professional with around 30 years of experience of building & growing various businesses from Stock Market,FMCG distribution, Mfg./ Mktg. Industrial items, Dyes Mfg./ Mktg. to Welding Consumables.

    If any one is interested in any help / assistance / association, he / she is most welcome to contact me @

  19. Hi,

    Would love to be part of the next meet… and perhaps, also present some ideas from my MBA and consulting experience.

    Do keep me in the loop.


  20. Anyone up for a coffee meetup on 17, 18 April? 

    I would love to meet entrepreneur community of Indore..

  21. tanutejas & nistha and all,

    i just got off the phone with natwar (who organises startup events in b’lore all the time!) – and he is willing to have a meetup with you which is informal, yet structured – i.e has a focused agenda. eg. you could all share your GREATEST ENTREPRENEURIAL CHALLENGE you are facing right now. that was one of the sessions we had at our recent delhi OH and it rocked!

    you don’t need to have ppts or anything. everyone can simply take turns to get up and tell others the single-most challenge they are facing and the rest can help solve!

    later on – all of these challenges can be posted on trhs and we can seek advice from the rest of our 7500+ rocking community!!

    think about it – and if the dates sound good to you YELL & TELL – an event can be created on trhs 🙂

    natwar is in indore for a couple of days for a wedding but he is keen on connecting with rodinhooders there!

  22. Asha and Natwar, I am good with the dates and would love to see another Indore meetup, so I’m IN.

  23. Send your phone number and I’ll add you to our whatsapp group

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