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Rodinhooders: You guys are awesome!

Hmmm I have been reading regularly some of the posts by the Rodinhooders and frankly most of the posts have been a learning point and some quite inspirational. The faith some of the fellow entrepreneurs have imposed in their own beliefs and abilities have never ceased to amaze me. 

For nearly a decade I have been nursing a desire to be a part of this dotcom business. This has been one of my passions (the other being writing) since long and it was about 8 years ago when I came up with the idea of an online kirana shop. I guess those days there was just one or two big players who were into this but on a different scale. The first thing I did was create a rough offline version of the website design in a powerpoint presentation 🙂 and bounced the idea at a couple of my female colleagues in a major PR firm and they were unanimous in saying that this was the need of the hour. 

But I guess lack of financial resources compelled me to go slow on actually translating my dream into a reality and then a couple of years later, I read in the newspapers about a couple of kirana shops taking off in the online world and it hit me hard that I’ve lost the race. 

At this stage, I was working for a BPO and in one of the training sessions, I was asked to speak about some turning point in my life and I spoke about not pursuing my dotcom dream with full vigour and how I ultimately lost out to others even before I took part in the race. It was as if I had actually laid down my arms even before the war started. And coincidently, the news about another kirana shop coming up online appeared that very day in a major newspaper and which had jostled me out of my sleep. 

So I’d say that you Rodinhooders are very inspirational and I am going to give myself another chance to be a part of the dotcom world. Keep inspiring people like me who either procrastinate or don’t pursue our dreams seriously. Hats off guys!


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