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Rodinhoodnis Contributing to The Indian Startup System

While every entrepreneur who writes his success story is inspiring, the obstacle course for a woman is undeniably a notch up.  

Here is a tribute to the rodinhoodnis who have chosen to take the difficult path. 

For the first part of the tribute refer here.

Hope it was a good read! 


A friend once popped up this question during a casual conversation “Where do you draw your inspiration from?”. And, without a moment’s thought I blurted, “from people’s stories”. And as I recall that chat, I feel there could have not been more truth in that answer. People are the best inspiration for people!

Taking cue from this multitasker fleximom, if they can do it, so can YOU!

(P.S. I had intended that this presentation be ready by March 8th, but I got delayed by a few days and today as I was posting this I realized that last year’s presentation was also published on March 13th. Don’t coincidences make you smile??)


Kaushali Parekh @itsaboutmemories

@NithyaPrabu MonkeyBaba

@ShalNauti Yipeedoo

Nupur Joshi @JoinPaperPlanes

Asha Satapathy @DocEngage

Saraswathi Pulluru @sls007


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  1. lovely! great job sunaina!

    pls add your twitter handle and all the rodinhoodni’s twitter handles at the end so we can mention them while tweeting 🙂

  2. thanks a lot asha :)) twitter handles added.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Sunaina – being part of this is wonderfully encouraging. 

  4. This is sweet 🙂 Stay awesome.

  5. What a wonderful start to the monday 🙂 Asha and Sunaina, thanks a ton for considering me in this feature, feel really honored..

  6. lots of good wishes nupur.. may paper planes really take off to a great height 🙂

  7. thank you sushrut 🙂 u too stay awesome

  8. you had to be featured saraswathi 🙂 i was truly inspired by your efforts where you mentioned that you continue learning new things to keep the brain cells tickling.. i mean balancing life with 2 kids, work, family responsibilities, hats off!

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