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Rodinhoods December Open House – “You May Fail Throughout Your Life in Business, But Still Are An Entrepreneur”

What a wonderful Friday (December 7th)!

In the Open House, I came across a fascinating blend of passionate people, brilliant ideas, productive discussions and abundance of capitalistic inspiration right in the belly of capitalism – NSE. I learnt many new aspects of entrepreneurship and met the perfect role model who never gave up on his aspirations – Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajegowda. I learnt to own my work/business to succeed, not simply allotting it to someone else. I re-learnt that people with passion and spirit to achieve go all the way to win and not the ones who quit and lay low.

Picture Caption – We shared our dreams on the white wall.

My takeaways from the Open House:

“Consider entrepreneurship as a career”

Alok welcomed us with the very thought that entrepreneurship is not just another job, but a career that requires our complete attention and sheer passion to succeed. In the process, we might fail and we might win, but the entire journey is worth the effort.


Refer products & earn rewards

Ankit Arora presented the idea of where tastemakers can discover a certain product and refer them from various social platforms on the website for users to get entire information on it. People will get reward points for sharing products.

For people who believe Facebooking is socialising

Ever heard that Facebook is not social? At least, Amrendra Kumar believes it to be and to counter this belief he has created to allow people to give real gifts to their Facebook friends. This FB app is designed to remind people of the birthdays of their close friends and gift out of a wish list created by them via iWishApp. People can also chip-in funds to buy gifts that come a wee bit expensive.

It’s an attempt to make group gifting very easy and hassle free. Now that’s what we call truly social!

Counter cost of fixing Smart Phones

Vinit Gala presented the idea of comprehensive insurance for smart phones at an extra cost through his concept of Phonesurance. He intends to provide extended warranty on smart phones to cover an array of physical damage to the phone. An awesome idea as many spend thousands to get their phones repaired.

Organised second hand smart phones market

Ankit Sawant aka Satan at Winkproposed an organised second hand market for smart phones at, which is still not available for the Indian market. The site offers cash/vouchers/credits or combo of all to the phone seller after complete verification of their phones’ working condition. These phones will then be refurbished and resold in the market.

An offer born in the Open House suggested that the insurance coverage provided by Phonesurance would be transferred to second hand mobile buyers if the phone were sold through

Virtual education for the online fraternity – an initiative by Jay Thadeshwar to bring the entire education network online. He presented the idea of bringing together virtual classroom, discussion portals, Q&A forums and every other aspect of education on one platform. It also allows space for customized groups for every subject, blog space for teachers and students and access to various study materials for students 24/7.

This sounds like education is finally becoming interactive.

Start-up dating

Gargi Shah presented the idea of a start-up for start-ups in one campus. They, at The Playce, offer a peaceful ambience, unlimited wi-fi and copious caffeine to help you brainstorm on your business at a bare minimal cost. They also offer internal networking between the various start-ups to help better outcomes.

She mentioned a special offer for Rodinhoders that will be posted on the Rodinhood website.

Picture Caption – Girisha’s jump of 1.74 metres marked a silver leap in our hearts.

A success story of passion over adversity

India’s first silver medallist in Mens High Jump in the 2012 London Summer Paralympics, Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajegowda enlightened us with his very idea of passion. His most important entrepreneurship advice to us was “There is no reason not to follow your heart.” It was an honour to meet the 24-year- old hero who claims to be in love with sports since his childhood. He believes his winning the first silver for the country in Paralympics has highlighted the event and will enhance the chances for players performing in the next term. He believes that people will pay better attention to the games and will invest in superior training so that more medals do come in.

He has a dream to win Gold in Rio Paralympics in 2016, and we all hope and pray that he does bring even more honour to our country.

Spectacular 2012 – Some Special Rodinhood Moments

A flashback of success stories of 2012 elaborated by the means of three brilliant presentations.

Re-engineering legal education in India

Ramanuj Mukherjee started an excellent initiative with his company iPleaders to teach law to commoners and businesspersons in a systematic way, so that they could make use of the same. The initiative has successfully gained foothold in the year 2012 with a beta version live. They have started up courses to educate people about the necessary laws as many of them are not known and hence, not followed.

Wonder how to run Android on Cloud!

A brilliant idea to run Android OS on browser to grant remote/mobile access was initiated by AppSurfer. Aniket Awati and his founding members met Alok, who opened a world of possibilities for them. Alok rebranded the company from DroidCloud to AppSurfer. The company’s success story includes them getting their finances in place, launching their Beta version in March 2012, and being interviewed on the TV show Techcrunch.

AppSurfer anticipates 2013 to be a make or break year for them. We wish them all the luck for future.

Hail Bollywood with

A presentation that started with a question: Who rescues an entrepreneur?

“Only an entrepreneur rescues an entrepreneur” was the answer given by Alok, Mukul Kumar Sharma and Rohit Nair. Alok narrated the story of starting up Koimoi with Komal Nahata and later collaborating with Mukul to bring the website to its current position. The current team managed to bring in more content in place and increased the traffic on their Bollywood website from thousands a day to lakhs. Mukul gave an essential pointer that “Content has always been, is and will stay the KING” to make any site rank better and appeal to the customers.

Alok also added, “You may fail throughout your life in business, still you’re an entrepreneur”. I came back with this as a new mantra for my company.

Picture Caption – Magical Rodinhoods December Open House in Mumbai!

The entire evening passed in a tick and it was time to leave the auditorium with a bag full of new learnings and a renewed passion to work on our dreams in the brand new year. It was a remarkable way to wrap the year and take new aspirations home to start 2013.

By Indi-Visual Local Correspondent – Richa Vani


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  1. very very nice richa! 

    awesome summary. am so glad you were able to make it and capture each moment so perfectly for the rest of the rodinhooders who weren’t there.

    thank you so much! 

  2. AWESOME!!!!!

  3. It was great evening.. Eyeopening for me….Thanks to and all team.

  4. Thank you very much Asha..It was a great opportunity to meet everyone out there.

    it has been my pleasure entirely.

  5. Thank you Alok…

  6. Its like I never missed the event 🙂 Its like I can feel the vibrations and enthusiasm and excitement in the auditorium at NSE Thanks Richa for letting us to relive the entire event through your eyes. God bless !!!

  7. Richa,

    Certainly a treat for people who didn’t attended and would want to know what they missed on 7th.. Thanks for sharing those excellent ideas presented at the open house.

    You certainly doing justice to the role of Indi-Visual local correspondent.. 🙂



  8. Hi All ! Joined the Rodinhood club today itself, and already regretting having missed the just concluded Open House in Mumbai. Any updates on whenz the next one scheduled in Mumbai. Thanks.

  9. Beautiful description of the evening.. Felt as if I am sitting right in there! Great write-up, Richa! Where can I read Indi-Visual??

  10. Thanks so much sir…

  11. Thank u Amit…

  12. Thank u Mohul for taking time to read…Indi-Visual website is under construction..Shall get back to you once we are ready to launch it…

  13. Thank you Richa!  🙂

  14. Thank you for capturing the essence of the event in such an fantastic manner. I was looking forward to the summary given my absence from this event. This article made my day!

  15. Grea888888888888…

  16. My pleasure Milan..

  17. The pleasure is entirely mine if you found it useful 🙂

  18. Thnx 🙂

  19. Dear Rodinhoods,

    This is the first openhouse I have attended. While I have attended other entreprenueral events, I must say this was in my view one of the best entreprenueral events!

    Openhouse is a beautiful concept which is carried on more as a networking gig outside India. However, this is better than just networking where entrepreneurs showcase their work. The mood is positive and the reactions more positive with least or no criticism of what an entreprenur does. I believe the moderation by Alok and the event facilitation by Richa was what was missing in most of the other events I have attended.

    Must say that the Rodinhoods openhouse is a must see, must visit and must inculcate the values that different passions and “think do be” provide.

    Truly impressive! Go Rodinhoods.

  20. Thank you Richa, for letting those who could not attend capture the gist of it through your summary. I especially loved the caption- Consider “entrepreneurship as a career” I live by it. Have a great week ahead.

  21. Thanks a lot Pawan..

  22. Thanks a lot Kaizad…same to you…

  23. Excellent summary for those of us who couldn’t make this time. 

    Thank you Richa. 

  24. “You May Fail Throughout Your Life in Business, But Still Are An Entrepreneur” – Nice one and looking forward to join u guys in next meet .. 

  25. My pleasure Vinay…It was an event I would not have liked to here is the essence..

  26. What is the schedule for next Rodinhoods open house??? 

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