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Rodinhoods Open House 27th July 2012 at NSE Auditorium !!!!

There comes the last Friday of every month and all Rodinhooders across the kingdom of Entrepreneurship starts looking forward to be in the Open House Session arranged in the NSE Auditorium at BKC. I missed the first session and therefore decided to not loose the next session on 27th July 2012 and also decided to capture the action on celluloid ( I cant say that technically as I was using HDD Camera though 🙂

As scheduled the Open House started with the National Anthem and Alok’s Opening Remarks

After the opening remarks Milan initiated the 10X10X10 Presentations

This is the part III of the Event covering two more presentations.



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  1. many many thanks for this mandar! not many members know that you travel all the way from pune and take time out to shoot & edit on your own time! serious gratitude!!!!

    i hope in the near future, as we evolve, we can get a couple of more volunteers to help you shoot & edit different presentations. 

    see you on the 31st!

  2. Sure Asha !!! doing this was my pleasure and I wanted all the Rodinhooders across the universe 🙂 to get the glimpse of what we do in an Open House Session. This Video will also bring in more interested entrepreneurs to the open house as they can see the excitement and valuable advise from their peers and Rodinhood himself. Yes I have decided to record all the future sessions and I will be there on 31st August as well.    

  3. Mandar this is awesomeness…let me know if you required Jr assistant next time..will be there 🙂 🙂  

  4. vishal, 

    you are our chief tweeting officer. and chief entertaining officer. we’ll have to look for another jr asst for mandar!


  5. yo Asha… thinking to do some humor on “failure”… after all i am proud that i failed in my 1st Startup. 🙂 🙂

  6. mandar, as i plan our annual OH scheduled on dec 6, i time travelled…. i watched the videos and it brought back soooo many memories. we have come so far in the last 2.5 yrs!!!

    can’t thank you enough for this one!

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