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Russsh is taking a new route.

Hello Everyone, 

We haven’t been making any noise in the past 1 year as we have been really busy setting up the backend and running the front-end for all you guys. I bet a few happy customers are reading this too. 

For all those who are reading this for the first time,

Hi I am Bharat and you can hire me for running all kinds of personal and official errands. (you can find our website at the end of this letter). To catch up on our story, you can read our first post on therodinhoods here.

Russsh has been in business from 2012 and has managed to change its relationship status in between from being Single to Married (I got a co-founder onboard in 2014) the team has grown to about 100+ executives in the last 4 years.

Mumbai is our first love and we are still finding new ways to explore our relationships. But we have been befriended by new city and we are really attracted and inclined to explore a new relationship. 

To update you on our journey, these are the key achievements at Russsh in a glimpse:

* Started with an initial investment at 20k in (2012) and yet surviving without a series A,B,C,D, etc… 

*On ground executives are almost completing 2-3-4 years in the company, this makes me feel great. 

* Cofounder was not a friend – he was a client who turned into a cofounder. 

* Seed funds raised in (2015) for $250,000 which was well spent on backend and tech upgradation. 

* Started with 1 ground executive, now we have about 100+ across Mumbai. 

*Customer base for just Mumbai is about 50,000 plus 

* Launching a new city. 

Pune, the land of Marathas, is where we plan to step and run in all corners of the city. A new ground for our executives and yet again a fresh start. So if you’re in this lovely city, give us a shout – would love to connect with fellow rodinhooders to be a part of all meet-ups etc.  

Our website : 

Twitter : @todoguy


Bharat Ahirwar 


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  1. hey bharat,

    this is fantastic news!! ALL THE BEST FOR THE BIG MOVE! keep scaling!!

    will ping all of our pune rodinhooders while sharing this post on fb. 

    more power to you and your ninjas!

  2. Thankyou Asha, 

    Hoping to connect with all the rodinhooders from Pune. 



  3. Hi Bharat!

    Great to hear about Russsh. Would love to connect whenever you are in Pune. Best of luck!

    Twitter – @atulshah

    LinkedIn –

  4. Hi Bharat,

    I like the concept of Russsh.

    I am located at NOIDA and keen to start something on similar lines. The best part of your business which I like is the idea of providing jobs to a number of educated youths.

    Are contemplating a franchise or a partner for Delhi NCR? Can you help me to start work on similar lines?

  5. Hi Bharat,

    Your website looks slick and good luck on your expansion to Pune. Your service is definitely quite helpful for busy individuals but small business/shops might find them quite useful.I was reminded about Uber Rush (bike couriers) after reading your article. The name sure does rings a bell 🙂 Do read up about it.

  6. WOW – So so nice!!

    How do you grow clients and business? Is it organic?

    Do you write to admin officers and get their attention?

    Is it that 20% clients give you 80% of your business?

    Loved the site!

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