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Save Money, Save Time & Comply Regulations: ZapERP – HR, Finance & PM Software

Dear Rodinhooders,


Introducing ZapERP- an intelligent way to manage your business. Our aim is to automate all your human resources, finance & project management needs. Now, you can focus on your business, and let our software do all the heavy lifting.  




Pi.TEAM Intro


Why ZapERP? 


Businesses are using segregated platforms to perform various tightly dependent management tasks e.g. product A for the time entry/ project management, product B for the payroll, product C for the HR/employee management and product D for the finance.
Segregated software increases cost, causes data inconsistency/duplication and reduces employee engagement. Our idea is to address these issues by offering tightly integrated but simple to use enterprise product to the SMEs. Our module-based approach allows you to choose a specific feature then configure it according to your needs. 



Product All


We startups are always worried about processing a salary. Not sure about the taxes? allowances? deductions? exemptions? ZapERP will make your life easier. It contains extremely simple and easy to use HR module. Salary gets calculated automatically with proper structure and with required regulatory compliance. 





Worried about managing inventory? point of sale? client payments? or even problems with sending invoices or quotes to the client? ZapERP manages all. It is actually a jack of all trades and master of all. In fact – you can do your complete accounting, import bank statements and export salary list. 





It’s’ just a beginning but our SaaS solution has many other features such as Chat, Contact Management, Bug Management etc as mentioned above. We would like you to check our software for all the awesome features. 


Click here to add your name in our waitlist.


Technically there is no wait but this helps us to process your on-boarding smoothly. Looking forward to your sign-up and feedback.


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  1. hey nikhil,

    that’s a very intriguing name – what’s the story behind it?!

    ps: are you one of the founders or a team member?

  2. Hi Asha,

    I am the sole founder. Actually to summarize this is the ERP system for SMEs but much simpler to use & faster to deploy. 🙂 

    Actually no serious story 😀 . I wanted name to contain word such as “Team” or “Work”, then symbol “Pi” is used in mathematics to perform complex calculations. Luckily found the domain name “Pi.TEAM” – so went ahead with the registration. 


  3. Looks too complicated!

    Are you trying to solve for too much?

  4. It is ERP system – it is supposed to solve lot of problems :)However – our aim is to reduce this confusion and you are correct – my pitch is bit confusing.

    From last few days – we are listening to client feedback and based on that we are planning to change our on-boarding / landing. Although – system has multiple modules user doesn’t need to use all of them. They can just choose one and run. We are working on a better user on-boarding – so once that is done – this confusion will be reduced. 

    Btw – this system is live and we already have customers who are extremely happy with overall results and usability. I would be more than happy to provide a demo. 

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