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Senior Full Stack Engineer at GetPropertyRates

We are startup with a current team size of 4. We’re searching for Hackers who believe that they can change the world. We want to disurpt existing markets and create new ones. We are hiring full time employees to join our team.

Our office is based out of Mumbai in Powai.

What we are looking for: 
1) Hacker: Someone who believes in lateral thinking and comes up with Out of the Box solutions. 
2) Someone who looks at a problem and solves it in a unique and special way. 3) You can quickly build software and find interesting ways to hack together code. 
4) You are a full stack generalist who knows many languages and is good at a few. 
5) You just love to code code and code! 
6) Min 3-5 years of work experience.

If you fit the above description, we have an exciting work opportunity for you.

What you need to know: 
1) PHP / Ruby / Node.JS / PHP 
2) Laravel / Rails / ExpressJS 
3) MySQL / MongoDB / Postgress / Redis / Docker / Git 
4) Elastic UI / Angular JS / Javascript

What do you get to learn: 
1) Learning the ins and outs of the real estate industry 
2) Being at the ground floor of a cutting edge RealEstate-FinTech company 
3) Having a lot of fun 
4) Crushing it

Interested individuals can respond with their Github & Linkedin Profile and their Resumes on


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