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Seven Conversations featured in Femina

I have so often used Rodinhood to find inspiration, solutions, audience and what not that I am very excited to report the following coverage that I received in latest edition of Femina. Also, couldn’t be happier because it is not a paid coverage or PR job, it is an organic article. I had cold emailed the journalist and sent a review copy of my novel Seven Conversations. She loved it and interviewed me for Femina! So, I would definitely encourage fellow members to not give up on cold emailing and cold calling. It works very infrequently but can be utterly rewarding when it does. 

Writing has been an on-going process of self discovery for me. Interestingly, I am featured on Femina’s May edition to talk about this very journey. Here is a snapshot. Hope you will like the article. Click here for the high resolution article.

Have a great weekend!

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