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Shades of Black

Shades of black

Sometimes, we wonder how we can see in the empty blackness where even light looks black. Only If we let our eyes settle and pay attention, We can see in immaculate detailing that in the empty blackness shadows are alive, moving, vary in texture, color & light that is ~the shades of black~


Queen’s dominance, is clearly reflected by Black Color, which overwhelms each and every color in itself by a mere touch, thus concocting  depth in it. The color is powerfully mysterious with enchanting beauty and thus its uniqueness inspired me to feature the Shades of Black. 

Shades (sunglasses) are used for depicting various `shades’ adding different dimensions to the intensity of Black hue – “Shades for Shades”.

Tones of black are adjacently positioned following the harmonious color flow from yellow> blue> green > red . An interesting symphony has also been created by using thin lines enveloping the shade intriguingly.


And the moment arrives when the heart and mind says ‘perfect’ in harmony and the design becomes transparent!


The interesting part is the revelation of existence of different shades of black is visible not only looking thru the shades but also to the one astute observer.


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  1. Nidhi, An interesting Perspective!! never new that Black has many shades….and that too, So many!!

    Only reason why I love Black is because it makes me look Thin and also because of LBD 🙂

  2. thanks guru!!..

    Black is indeed absolute!.

    it is omnipresent in fashion scenes, be it sophisticate black tie, little black dress or bikers leather jacket.

    And there are definitely many more ways to look slender =)

  3. ha ha….This one seems to the easiest!!

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