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Stake your shopping spot on Wooplr | Open House Bangalore

Meeting other Start up owners is always a pleasure for a fellow Start up. It gives you a common ground to brood over the bubbling creativity, the anxiety and the enthusiasm of being able to introduce new dimensions into your work and company every single day.



I enjoyed meeting TheRodinhoods as part of Wooplr. Wooplr is a social platform where you can share a piece of yourself – your personality and your thoughts as a recommendation to fellow wooples on what to buy, where to eat and where to get started

This social sharing app provides you with a fun and fast means to recommend and discover stylish finds in food, fashion & décor from places around you. 


Launched on March 8th, Wooplr is currently ‘The Go To App’ when one wants to look for a place around them to eat or scrutinize the latest street style or new fashion trends and where to buy them from. The app ensures that at no point does a user feel flustered, as you can take a look at a picture of what you’d buy/eat and can also discuss it with the previous buyer (the person who’s put up the recommendation).


Small businesses/ home businesses can also set up storefronts to display what they have on offer in their basket of goodies at a minimal fee. We are looking forward to role out this module in a full fledged manner soon.


Give Wooplr a spin, experience one of the best social shopping experiences and find those little ‘nukkads’ that no one else knows about. We’d love to receive your feedback


To know more about us,check us out on our blog | facebook page |twitter


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  1. Thank you Alok and team for giving us your platform to reach out.

    There’s more here –

    The Wooplr pitchdeck for SMBs –

    You can follow our story here –

  2. hey arjun & praveen,

    how has the response to wooplr been?? all of us would love to know!

  3. Hi Asha. It’s been good thus far! But there’s a long way to go still 🙂

    Last week, we released a newer, slicker version of our flagship Android app. The ‘Nearby’ feature on the app has gotten a major uplift. It’s faster, more accurate and has a lot more content since we first demo’ed it in Feb. Also, the “Get it” button is slowly being rolled out to more local stores (merchants). The response for both have been very good. 

    We are growing at a decent pace, but obviously it’s time to step it up a few more notches. We recently launched Wooplr Guides (, which is gaining massive traction in the 3 weeks it’s been out. So, there are many positives and lots of work to put in. We are excited for what’s to come. 

    Thank you for connecting with us again. That’s a very sweet gesture and we hope to share more of our learnings in the days to come. 

  4. awesome! 

    all the best!!

    feel free to showcase your new features and seek feedback from other rodinhooders….

  5. many congrats arjun & praveen – just read this yday and remembered you presented at the b’lore OH a couple of years back!

    it would be awesome if you updated us on your incredible journey!!

  6. Hi Asha,

    Thank you. It’s been such a long time! Always happy to share our story with The Rodinhoods.  

    You can think of Wooplr now as an Instagram for Fashion. We are still driven by user generated content (besides highly curated content) – except that users now upload a complete look rather than individual pieces of garment. The ‘look’ that is uploaded is deconstructed into ‘shoppable looks’ by tagging them to apparels and accessories available from 30+ brands and e-commerce sites including Forever 21, Koovs, etc. We get our affiliate fee / commission which constitutes our business model. 

    We have introduced commerce (as in owning the transaction piece) as well on the app which makes the entire discovery+shopping experience seamless for the user. thus, Wooplr is now transformed into a complete style and fashion app for women.

    You can download the app here – Do take it for a spin and share your thoughts!  


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