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Starting e Commerce Portal for PET Food

Dear All,


wanted to know why an e commerce will not work, I am thinking to start a portal for  PET Food
pls share your views

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  1. hey arayan,

    i think u need to give more info about your pet food… 

    i) is it generic pet food (pedigree types for cats & dogs?) and you want to cater to the whole country?

    ii) or are you talking about homemade food, home delivered to b’lore residents only? like this one –

    iii) or you’ve got some secret formula, special pet food not available anywhere else?

    i mean, what will make you different from other suppliers? product, service, price, distribution, packaging or what????

  2. Arayan,

    I just adopted a pet so i guess can give you some inputs… as Asha mentioned std ones like Royal Cannin, eukanuba, pedigree or droolls are available everywhere what would be your USP in selling that. If you add toys, accessories etc. you will be one more in the market. 

    Information on food is  widely present on the net, yes but something like petdhaba is lacking at many places also in a city like Mumbai its very area specific only. 

    So think and tread




  3. Dear Asha & Amar,

    thanks a ton for your inputs/question

    I must get back with answers and questions in while


  4. Now Brain Started Dishum and Dishum 🙂



  5. E-commerce will work for PET food, and many people are already doing it. How do you differentiate yourself is the question?

    Differentiation is not necessarily in the form of your product offering. Differentiation can be in terms of service terms, marketing methods etc.

    Can you ensure that a poster of your online PET shop is always there on the door of the local VET in a large geographical area in exchange for listing the VET’s contact info on your online store?

    If you manage the above then that will give you a competitive advantage to think of doing this seriously. Of course your product offering (pet food, pet accessories), how your website looks etc would be important as well.

  6. Dear Vishal,

    thanks a ton

    this is exactly what we are thinking and planning

    i am yet to come with answer of questions raised in the discussion

    hope to have your inputs on my answers as well


  7. The bigger issue with e-commerce is sales promotion and lead conversion, far bigger than the product, pricing, logistics or service quality. Have you thought of it? Do you have the channels and the money?

    Sasikanth Chemalamudi

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