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Startup Looking for a Finance Expert on Consulting Model

Hello Friends,

UserExperior is a platform which provides mobile app developers, UI/UX experts with real customer audio-visual feedback on the usability of their app. If you are developing a new app or are adding new features to your mobile app which you feel will increase your customer satisfaction or meet a customer requirement, then, before you launch get it reviewed by real customers on our platform. Our platform provides analytics of how usable your mobile app is along with the video of the user interaction with your app and do customers really like the new features or your app.

Currently our platform is under development and we founders are looking for a finance expert as we don’t have deep skills in that area. We are looking to engage on a consulting model as we cannot afford to have a full time finance expert at the moment.

We are not looking for a Chartered Account but more than that.

We are looking for finance expert who have helped start-ups in

  • key stages of fund raising
  • building a revenue model
  • guiding them on managing cash flows
  • equity distribution etc…
  • mentoring founders on the finance aspects of the business.

Please let us know if you know anyone who helps startups on the finance side of the business.

Thank you

Best Regards

UserExperior (our website is currently underdevelopment)


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  1. Hi Vimesh,

    You could get in touch with me if you want some advice on the key stages of fund raising and managing cash flows.

    I do have a full time gig, so all I can offer is part time pro-bono advice.

    If that works / helps you out, feel free to contact me.

  2. Hi Vimlesh..I could help you out..We consult with traditional offline businesses who wish to go online as well as with startups…Please have a look at our website @

    You can email me at

  3. Hi Vimlesh,

    I can help you out. I am helping startups with their financial management, internal processes, costing and pricing models etc. etc. I have over 16 years of experience across industries.

    You can reach me on



  4. Hi ankit..


    If interested drop me a mail. 


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