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Stickmatic – Customised Fridge Magnets - customised fridge magnets online india – Convert your pictures into fridge magnets.


I’m fond of traveling in general, I like visiting places & capturing memories of the place in any form possible. You might agree with me when I say, the most plausible way of capturing any memory these days is by taking pictures. Whenever I revisit these pictures they make me feel inspired & add positivity to my life. I always wanted to bring these memories alive by framing them on my wall or something like that. However, the problem is scarcity of real estate (in Mumbai to be precise) for allocating a wall/place for pictures is not so trivial  & then to maintain them or change them often is out of question.


This whole problem pushed me towards finding a cost effective, low maintenance & more importantly – minimal occupant on real estate solution. Good amount of research & some prototypes later I found a solution which was worth it. A combination of pictures with magnet sheet which can easily stay on a fridge (also happen to be the most visited area in any home) without any side effects. - customised fridge magnets online india

A customer sent an image of our final product. source(

The final product was so elegant & catchy that a lot of my friends wanted to have their own pictures on their fridge. So without wasting any time, I built a functional MVP on a weekend & then I sent it to a bunch of my friends who were quite active on social media platforms. I did receive some valuable feedback from them but along with that, I started getting their orders. Later, I posted publicly about the project on Facebook & Twitter and received a great response in return.


It has been more than two weeks since I launched the website & I’m witnessing a gradual increase in traffic. Currently, I’ve kept the pricing very nominal (barely making any profit) just to attract customers & generate momentum on social media. I’d love to read your comments/feedback on the concept & how I can improve the product.

I’d encourage you to place an order & see our final product, in action. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.



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  1. I always felt people use Round and Small Magnets with God’s Photo (mostly Ganesha) on Fridge and that too ‘SINGLE’. Customized pics Magnets is good Idea but I wonder how much is demand for these products.. anyways…Good Start. All the best !

  2. Bilal, good start! I want to promote this post but need to ask – what makes you different from

  3. Thanks, @Alok. I’d say execution, all the products listed in the link have a lot of offering which makes customized fridge magnets harder to discover for users. I, on the other hand, is focusing on doing only one thing well.

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