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The Transhimalaya is a 1600-kilometer-long mountain range extending in a west–east direction parallel to the main Himalayan range.The highest mountain is Mt Kailash. Transhimalaya is the origin of all major Himalayan rivers namely Ganges, Brahmaputra, Indus playing important role in civilization. Named on that is Travel Aggregator for the Less-explored territory of Ladakh, Nepal Everest Region & Bhutan with intention to expand base for other important travel regions.

The Girl who is sending Indians to Everest

Meet Priyanka Kotiya, an avid traveler and founder of She has covered all of Himalaya from Leh to Manali, Shimla to Mana and Everest Region of Nepal.

She lived for 6 years in Himalaya near the origin of Ganges when her husband was working there.

The idea of starting treks for Indians came to her mind when she was in Nepal this year doing a small trek of Indradaha with her 5 year old daughter. She noticed that there were only Europeans on the trek, and barely 1% Indians.

When she came back from Nepal, she wanted to do something so that Indians found it convenient to go to Nepal for treks. There are so many beautiful treks in Everest region and Annapurna Circuit. Right now her focus is limited to a couple of nice treks in Nepal Only. She has setup the website She has already started to get the bookings for Everest base camp treks and Mt. Kailash Mansarovar from College and Corporate groups. Most bookings are through her Facebook page and/or word of mouth.

There is no plan  to scale up the business as she wants to grow it organically and remain profitable. She has already got a 200% return on her initial investment without spending anything on advertisement. The reason is quite simple, advertising isn’t going to motivate someone to go for trekking!

A lot of trekkers are being associated as Mentors for advising and making custom itinerary for The common thing with all these mentors is that they all have covered Mt. Kailash which is the highest mountain of Trans Himalaya.


We want to become the most trusted, respected and front-runner travel agency by providing sustainable business to people of Trans Himalayan Region in an Eco Friendly way so that all the money should go to the people of the region for upliftment.


We are a group of entrepreneurs, tourism professionals and trek experts having long-term successful work experience in the tourism & trekking. specializes in cultural & natural heritage tours, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, rafting, wildlife safaris, mountain biking, and special itineraries. We provide consultation, operation and destination management in Trans Himalaya region of Ladakh, Nepal & Bhutan through high-quality professional service to our valued clients. We are committed to embracing latest, advanced travel, tour operating systems, services and tourism management practice around the world. We are competent, experienced and professional staff in every facet of tourism settings that address the travelers’ and our business partners’ need and expectations. Equipped with state of the art technology, experienced and highly professional staff, we are committed to making our guests feel at home during their stay. Full of various options, our packages enable you to enjoy your holidays as per your wish. Based on your suggestions and feedback, we continually strive to do better and make your trip more pleasant than ever.


Customer Focus: We are committed to provide the highest level of customer service. We extend this to our agents and business partners as well as their clients.
Integrity: We are committed to honesty, loyalty and high standers of ethical conduct.
Innovation: We are committed for developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies for our clients & partners.
Responsible & Sustainable Tourism: We emphasize on promoting the Consumption of Eco-friendly food, locally produced bio-degradable utility item and make aware for the Environmental Conservation with the responsibility to Nature, upgrade the Nature and the economic standard to the people.


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