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Sushrut & Sunaina are the new hands on trhs deck!

And finally, the day has arrived when we can say WE HAVE A SMALL EDITORIAL TEAM!!

Happy Dance 🙂 

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(drum roll…..!)

Meet our new Business Writer Rodinhooder Sushrut Munje (


Editorial Assistant Rodinhooder Sunaina Shenoy (


As Business Writer, Sushrut will focus on startup stories, startup events in Mumbai, featuring Rodinhooders who have been hiding in a cave, building the next product that will WOW us…. and all that jazz!!

Sushrut (who is all of 24!) brings “roll my sleeves up to get my hands dirty” (pun unintended) startup experience of 3 years. He’s the famous #MopStar at Hammer & Mop.  So he pretty much understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  He’s obsessed with awesome customer service. Use the search engine to go through his posts. He has a gift.

As Editorial Assistant, Sunaina will be the editor’s extended arms and legs 🙂 Being based in Delhi, she will try to bring us some flavour of the startup action there! Sunaina herself has shown us all, her ability to start something from nothing – all in attempt to solve a real life issue! She too, is familiar with the grind. Lucky for us, she’s into content and loves trhs!!

Hopefully you can look forward to many more exciting things happening on trhs. Feel free to keep sending us your ideas.

Sushrut & Sunaina are part-time contributors as they can’t really ditch their own ventures, can they? Which means, if you’ve been interviewing/featuring other rodinhooders in the past, you’re not let off the hook! (evil laugh!) 

So, welcome aboard Sushrut & Sunaina!! We have one heckuva job to do together…. We gotta make every rodinhooder FAMOUS!

And yes, we gotta make one dude’s dream of enabling a million entrepreneurs, come true…



I also take this opportunity to thank and give trhs backend team based at g2w a big shout out!! It’s owing to these dudes, that things on trhs run so smoothly…

Aadil – Membership Admin 

Manoj – Co-ordinator

IT Dept – Tech Support


UPDATE: As of Sept 1 Sunaina and Oct 1, 2014 Sushrut will be volunteering only as they need to spend more time with their respective startups.



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  1. Oooh nice! 🙂

  2. Congrats Sunaina and Sushrut!! Looking forward to some rocking times!! :))

  3. Ohh hoo.. Congratulations.. Sushrut and Sunaina…!!!!

  4. I couldn’t think of two better people to join Awesome Asha! Yay 🙂 Congrats guys!

  5. Congratulations Sushrut and Sunaina!

  6. Congrats Sushrut and Sunaina! 🙂

  7. thanks perz. it’s what i call ‘luck by chance’….!

  8. More fingers (we type na?), more content, more execution of ideas lying in your kitty. Congrats. Looking fwd 🙂

  9. Thank you, guys! All of you! 🙂

  10. Congratulations Sushrut and Sunaina (Y)

  11. Congratulations 🙂

  12. Congrats Sushrut and Sunaina !! 

  13. thanks people for all your wishes.. 

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