Alok Kejriwal

Meet Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal!

Alok “Rodihood” Kejriwal is the founder of and an experienced digital entrepreneur from India. Meeting Alok is now easie...Read More

How 2win – By Alok Kejriwal

I’m delighted to announce a brand new initiative by therodinhoods – How2win by Alok Kejriwal! Over the past year, I’ve been reflecti...Read More

Alok’s reading notes – Part 1

For years, I’ve been reading The Economist, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, Fortune etc and attending meets, conferences e...Read More

What they don’t teach at the Art of Living… An insider’s story

I began my journey with the Art of Living in the year 2000, so it’s my 17 year association with the organisation. A confession : In my heart I a...Read More

The 22.75 strange things I learnt in 2016…

My 2016 was dedicated to learning strange things. Happy to share them with you! 1. Anything sells. There is a buyer for anything The citizens of the a...Read More

The 12.5 things I learnt in 2015!

1. Be HUMBLE I asked (perhaps rudely) a question on why their hoardings media strategy made no sense to me as a media observer. The CEO of...Read More

Lunch with Rodinhood!

A couple of days back, Rodinhooder Anuradha Kulkarni pinged me and said, “Alok, are you free to meet on Friday, at your office”? I usually...Read More

The Business of Public Mud Slinging (BPMS)

Just yesterday, I was (unfortunately) tagged in this post. Dunno why I was tagged but was sympathetic anyway. This morning, we all woke up to the real...Read More

IvyCamp launches registration and regulatory services for startups on its Platform

IvyCamp is a Unified innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform that leverages the Global Alumni Networks to help entrepreneurs become successful. IvyCa...Read More

The 9 Best Conversations I have had in my life – and the lessons I learnt from them!

This blog is a collection of some of the most interesting conversations I have had in my business life and the lessons I learnt from each of these con...Read More

The Seven Subjects I learnt at Marwari Business School (MBS)

 This post is very dear to me and its dedicated to my Nani and Dad. On the last day of my ICSE exam (10th standard finals), my Nani (Grandmother) offe...Read More

Tweaks in Twitter

  Hats off to Chris Sacca for ‘Bleeding Blue’ and his incredible note on  What Twitter Can Be. It’s a long read but at the end ...Read More

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