Wharton India Startup Challenge 2018 | Mumbai, India  | January 5, 2018

Looking for exposure to a global audience or funding from top investors?  Have the next big idea? Apply to the Wharton India Startup Challenge (WISC) ...Read More

Dawn of Payment Revolution in India

We Indians just love our cash and although we have credit/debit cards and also have access to online banking, we were hesitant to embrace them complet...Read More

Tavaga Update: SEBI flexes its regulatory muscles

Greetings from the new Tavaga office! Before we get down to brass tacks, we are excited to report the launch of a Jewellery goal on the Tavaga app las...Read More

How UPI is more convenient & secure than what most people think

A phenomenon that has been pretty popular recently in the news goes by the name of UPI (Unified Payments Interface). However, most people have not bee...Read More

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