APPKARO.COM – We just launched our beta!

We are very excited to announce the first beta launch our most awaited product – APPKARO.COM APPKARO.COM  – Get your own app in minutes! F...Read More

Why is that only celebrities and models can create ads?

Hi Rodinhooders, Have you ever wondered why only famous celebrities and models create Ads for brands? Why can’t You and I do the same? When did I get ...Read More

“I was being called a broker when I was the innovator and pioneer”

My interview as featured in the Fourth Anniversary Special Issue of Forbes India Magazine with Rohin Dharmakumar… Alok Kejriwal: I was being cal...Read More

Food + Instagram = Foodstagram

I didn’t make that up. It is a valid expression that is largely used by food lovers all over the world. The good people I follow on Instagram have mas...Read More

Presenting Apptuse – An Omnichannel Commerce Platform for Small & Medium Businesses

Dear Rodinhooders, I am happy to launch the new version of Apptuse on therodinhoods site. Apptuse is a cloud-based, Omnichannel commerce platform for ...Read More

Tweaks in Twitter

  Hats off to Chris Sacca for ‘Bleeding Blue’ and his incredible note on  What Twitter Can Be. It’s a long read but at the end ...Read More

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