Farmers Fund – Can it be as easy as Netflix?

*Looking for volunteers* What if, you can enable & watch small farmers thrive, as easy as watching a movie on Netflix? I am a serial technology en...Read More

ResumeBot — Cool new way to make a Resume

Resumes in their current form have grown staid. The standard, one-page document listing out all your achievements is boring. Now that is not to say th...Read More

5×5: 5 Irresistible Excuses for 5 Days of the Week

At Mypoolin, we are working hard to provide you a seamless payment experience and have already shared how you can share money with just a mobile numbe...Read More

The Death of the Monthly Salary

‘The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.’ — Nassim N Taleb This quote is doing the rounds on social media, ...Read More

Stickmatic – Customised Fridge Magnets

Backstory I’m fond of traveling in general, I like visiting places & capturing memories of the place in any form possible. You might agree w...Read More

How selling my Flat in Mumbai led me to found my Startup

Hi Fellow Rodinhooders, My greetings to all of you! Before getting into details of my story, I take this opportunity to thank Alok Kejriwal for guidin...Read More

Help Us Understand Marketing at Bottom of Pyramid

Hello Rodinhoods, We are conducting a research study at FMS, BHU (Under the guidance of Prof. Harish Chandra Chowdhary- Former Dean & Head, FMS BH...Read More

Story of Deepbaazigar; founder of Ashwamedh Group

Life of an Entrepreneur is nothing less than a roller coaster. He/She goes through all sorts of emotions during his/her journey of becoming one. In Au...Read More

Study on Women Social Entrepreneurship in India

Hello, I am a final year MBA student at Institute of Management Studies, BHU. I am doing a research project “Women Social Entrepreneurship in India: A...Read More

6-hour workday – Learnings and conclusion

To improve productivity and give more personal time to our team members, we introduced the 6-hour workday in our organization. It’s been nearly 6 week...Read More

How To Design A Startup Office Space In Less Than 1 Lac

With many new businesses popping up in every corner of the country, office spaces are in a huge demand. With the office space rent taking up most of y...Read More

Why we rejected INR 6 Million in funding and bootstrapped our startup instead

Earlier this year (in 2017) my team was offered INR 60L or $100k in funding with a 1.5 Cr convertible note for a year old startup, which we had to pol...Read More

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