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My take on why Hillary lost and Trump won

Though, Hillary had a resume of a perfect candidate with perfect experience, perfect background and perfect timing of the 21st century with the highest number of modern feminists ever in the history, she lost the 2016 US presidential election:
1. Donald Trump used fear induced marketing tactics, scaring the larger majority of gullible, not so well educated, white, Christian middle class adults who lived in smaller towns and cities, inducing fear of
– Latino community invading their country
– Asians taking away their jobs
– Associating every Muslim individual with terrorism in the US, the 3 isolated random shooting incidents involving Muslim individuals helped him induce this fear in their psyche even deeper.
2. The fast thinking mind (Daniel Kahneman) went for Trump’s simple hardliner conservative radical solution for terrorism, of banning Muslims from entering the US, keeping tab on every Muslims within the US, nuclear bombing terrorist harboring countries was simpler and more convincing than Hillary’s long scholarly essay like solutions.
3. 52% Catholic Women voted for Trump as opposed to 43% who voted for Hillary:
– Hillary’s persona projects more of an average motherly woman than a leader
– They perceived Hillary as a weaker person, because she swallowed her husband’s adultery, instead of fighting back as an average white American woman who is an aggressive modern feminist woman who fights for her rights
– They saw Hillary taking advantage of her forgiveness to Bill Clinton with her seeking Bill’s help in securing presidential candidacy, her private email server episode deepened the doubts of her being manipulative questioning her intentions and trustworthiness

4. Trump had a very appealing campaign slogan, “Make America great again”, for the same reason, Obama got more populist vote for his hope inducing slogan of “Yes, we can!” relevant to the sinking economy at the time. Hillary had none for her campaign.


Basic human psychology is the explanation in short!



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  1. Interesting take

  2. Thank you Alok! 🙂

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