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Thank you TRHS – we got an insane response!

Hey Asha,

I can’t thank TRHS enough for the platform it has provided us.

Post showcasing our concept of Tête-à-Rent (re-branded now to Duffl, the response we’ve received is insane. Apart from the in-forum replies and honest opinions, within the next couple of weeks, we received mails from well wishers pitching in their ideas, journalists who want to write about us, interested co-founders and our contemporaries in the collaborative consumption space sharing with us their experience and the pulse of the market.

This has helped us think strategically and make amends where needed to ensure we mold our product according to our target audience. 

Duffl now has a rent option as well. You can Sell, Rent or Shop.

What topped the list was when we got calls from a well known VC firm and 2 early stage investment firms asking us more information about the venture, team and to keep them in the loop for any sort of assistance.

Even though it was just a round of discussions and asking us to get back to them when we have launched, it was truly humbling and most of all encouraging.

More than money, personally, I feel, aspiring entrepreneurs need encouragement. It can push you beyond your limits. And TRHS has given us nothing but that.

We don’t know whether Duffl will go on to be a hit or a miss, but are super optimistic and giving it our best shot. Having said that, there is one thing we are absolutely sure about, we couldn’t have asked for a better start.

Thank you TRHS

Co-Founder & CEO
Duffl – Relove Fashion


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  1. WOW. thanks for sharing this awesome news with us mithun!!

    lots of rodinhooders keep telling us how the early traction on trhs and constructive feedback has helped them; that other startup sites approach them for stories after they read about them on trhs. but calls from a VC and investment firms is the CHERRY ON TOP!!!

    good luck with what lies ahead mithun. and thanks once again….!!

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