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Thanks Alok from me and 150,000 facebook fans of Jobsplane

Hi Alok,

Long long back(an year to be precise) i was to make an important decision in my life about my startup.I was in all confusion, though i had partially made up my mind to take a call, i was still not sure.

This is when i thought i need advice from some on who have some experience, but then i don’t know many as it was at my earlier stages of start up journey. But i was a Rodinhooder then and so got a thought that “why not ask Alok” for help. 

I am not sure again if you would really take time to talk to me on phone,but obviously i took my chances and mailed asking for your advice.

Suddenly, my phone rang and i can see the number is not from AP and lifted the call wondering if it was you. And yes, it was you who called me 😀 , I was Blushing & Jumping and Sighing my brother that Alok called me 😀

I asked for 2 minutes,but you gave me 20 minutes of your valuable time and i made a Call after talking to you. 

Now,Jobsplane has 150,000 happy Facebook fans and so please accept our sincere thanks, from me and my users. After all, who in this world would call me just because i read his blog. Only you would do this. 

FB Fan Page Link :

Hope you go on helping people like me and guide them :). Would soon call you again for next piece of advice.




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  1. Thanks! you made my weekend

  2. I am glad that i did it 🙂

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