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The Best of 2013 on TRHS….!!

Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would spend the night with Google Analytics!!! Without much fuss, I’m sharing SOME of the most viewed and memorable posts of 2013 (in no particular order).

Right now I’m posting the top Discussions. I shall update this post with Alok’s best of the year + the best ASKs in the coming week. Enjoy!

ps: Happy Silly Season folks!

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Flat, marriage, family – Abhinav’s post that went crazy-viral…!!!

Why Tom never killed Jerry….

100 things I learnt while building my start up

The myth of long working hours

Abey John’s magnum opus on Internet Marketing!

Commitment to Win!

How to save an extra 25 lacs for your next startup

Humans, shoes and e-commerce – a heartening startup story from Pakistan…

How I doomed my first venture.

Aneja’s biggie on Email Marketing!

And then there was light…

Darr ke aage jeet hai…

Losing my virginity…. entrepreneurial virginity!

I have failed but I’m not a failure…

10 lessons I learnt even before starting up!

Don’t listen to Alok!!

An entrepreneur’s performance evaluation…

Stay FAB!



The best ASKS (most responses & views and major gyaan shared in the comments!)

What to do when you become BROKE while building your startup?

Uncertainty and everyday startup blues

What should I do – quit or continue?

Can your blog become a business?! [read every single comment here]

Payment Gateways for BreakupHelpline + Payment gateway that accepts marketplace

Advertising for a coaching class?

My Bloody Shyness

Mini Screening Halls…?

e-commerce platform to meet requirements?

How to turn a workplace into an institute of possibilities?


The Best of Alok!!!

Doodh ka Doodh, Paani ka Paani

I was being called a Broker….

Business Model vs Revenue Model

Would you marry an Entrepreneur?

Why the redBus acquisition is good for you!

Snapdeal vs Flipkart!

Do entrepreneurs need an MBA at all?

How to make engaging PPTs?

Why is Indian education stuck?

Being entrepreneur – fact or fiction?

“There is no instant nirvana in being a startup” (video)

Alok at the India Today Conclave (video)


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  1. Great round up Asha. Thanks for supporting the community. Looking forward to the new year.  Happy New Year!!



  2. this post has been updated with more maal !!!

  3. What an amazing round up! As I said on day 1 in a chat: the biggest lesson from TRHS? Find the most amazing people to work with you: Alok found Asha! She’s by far one of the very best I have met, driving a community and keeping it engaged, not just online, but offline too!

  4. This is a treasure…. Kudos to you Asha…that was really extensive!! Happy New Year to everyone at Rodinhoods!

  5. thank you paritosh! very kind of you 🙂

  6. 🙂 

    thank you for contributing such awesome posts. we’ll look fwd to more learnings from you next year. all the best!

  7. thanks anamika!! will try to add the best startup posts that were showcased as well…

  8. Thanks for this post !

    Is bookmarked for sharing .

    I wish you all Rodinhooders a very enriching, wisdom multiplying and gratifying awesome new year!!

  9. Wonderful Wrap up of 2013!!

    Onto the NEXT!!

    Wishing You, Family and Friends and all TheRodinHoods a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!! 🙂 


  10. If anyone is looking for inspiration and ways to run a community and keep it engaged, just meet and greet with Asha! )

    Brilliant list Asha, thank you so much 🙂

  11. Really a treasurebox……

    Thnx Asha

  12. you’re most welcome prashant & pavan!

    half of 2014 is already gone – and we’ve got sooooooooooo many awesome posts to add already!!!

    keep rocking guys!

  13. Kudos to you, everyday I learn something new from you when it comes to running a community! 🙂 🙂

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