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The Best of 2014 on TRHS!

Hello, hello, hello!

Whoa! Some year this has been content-wise!! I think I need to take the entire week off to recover from THE BESTEST OF EVERYTHING!!

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Oh! Did I forget to wish you an awesome pausome 2015?!! It will rock!!

So these are some of the bestest stories we came across in 2014. They are in no particular order. Some more stuff is likely to added this week 🙂  Added 15 more posts in ASK!

Happy reading! 

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Divyanshu’s Karma Dosa!

You can’t code? Great!!

One year as a student entrepreneur

Are you a business card CEO? 

Hardik Shah’s end of a chapter

3 mistakes of Abhishek’s journey from CA to startup 

13 lessons from 13 years of Vishal’s life

365 days of unemployment 

Jubanashwa’s incredible story of 28 jobs in 28 weeks in different cities across India!

What Prashant Naidu learnt by getting fired. Brave post! 

Vinit and his amazing airport story… 

An untold story of a failed startup

Surviving 2 years of business in India

Karan Vazirani ‘s journey

How I hit rock bottom and how I bounced back.  

90 days at a startup accelerator 

Error: Co-founder not found!

When to incorporate your startup 

Markhor – the story of handmade shoes from Pakistan

Memories of Golden Wafers 

Is there a zone of maximum potential for startups to succeed?

Partner Relationship Management!

24 things I learnt from starting a successful pseudo startup

I got better customer service from my client

When you jump from 3000 ft don’t calculate ROI

What startups can learn from the mistakes of AAP

Co-founder needed – toons need not apply!


3 days in Iraq. 5 lessons learned.

Selling ice to an eskimo

Piggyback Entrepreneurship

The 2% of Everything

5 lessons that startup founders could unlearn from Santa 

Of Men & Mentors

The eerie similarity between e-com & airlines

Look Mama, they’re re-targeting me

Disaster Management for Entrepreneurs

So you wanna get noticed, huh?

We need 10000 entrepreneurs, not 10000 crores, Mr FM!

What entrepreneurs can learn from Bitcoins

Mover over James Bond – the startup guy is here!


Bombay Cab Sessions

Chotu Chaiwala

Shubh Vivaah

PaperPlanes (customised mags)









How to tell your child







The Fundoo








The Seven Deadly Sins for Mobile App Downloads

Basic Funding Concepts for Entrepreneurs

How to price what you sell?

Do your customers love you?

Can you solve this entrepreneurial problem?

Meet the Rodinhoodnis!


The Art of Winning: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

With love from Tim Draper!

Kaizad Patel – passionate about customer service delivery!

Sathvik – the dude who dared to say F**k Purses!!

Sudarsan Ravi and his gamification company

Ashish the Cakeman

Kanchan the ‘Human Interface’ girl!

Aakash – the Mockingbird


How to make readers tweet your content 63% more! Thank you Kiran!

How Rahul & Team Arkenea growth hacked their services biz to generate $300k in 9 months! 

Ronak decoded the budget for us! 

How starting really small made Shobhit profitable in a week!

Straightup review of online marketplaces – Thank you team Zepo!

How Quora sent Nistha 40x traffic

5 agreements entrepreneurs shouldn’t start without

The A to Z of One Person Company Registration in India

8 ways to influence users to buy your product/service

The acquisition of Eashmart

How to minimize abandoned carts on your online store

Understand your loyal customers

5 things I learnt from acquiring a company

Lessons learnt while building an online community – Alok shares the story of trhs.


What is it like to be financially poor. Very brave of you Gourav. Salute!

Why can’t I paint everything?

Free shipping or flat rate or my e-com biz?

Starting a home bakery

Can anyone help me with packing tips?

Insights on Apparel photo shoots for ecom websites

How to squeeze more out of Nirogam’s facebook page?

Why can’t we create a tsunami of likes & shares?

Switching from one man biz to office & employees

CraftsNation needs help to sell

When should a startup be launched and how?

What brand of atta do you buy?

How to market my agarbatti company?

Any startup friendly payment gateway?

Need help with digital marketing strategy

How to avoid your “big startup idea” from being stolen?

Co-founder or Vendor?

What should be the key role of the founders of a startup?

SEO headache!

What to do to start an online cab booking service in tier 2 cities?


Create a Startup #CAS – Building a Plus Size Lingerie Brand!

Vikram Parekh’s ‘Is Passion getting in your way?’

My roll call to destiny.

Mumbai Open House from a Delhi Rodinhooder

Svadha – Trying to make India’s farms more efficient

Mumbai OH in Dec 2014 blogged live – thanks Shwaytaj!

Atamjeet – the Paper Models dude!

Should I really create this startup?

Mohul’s summary of the March OH in Gurgaon!

Help me grow the Parsi Food Revolution!

Thank you Mumbai for the best Women’s Day ever!

My tryst with trhs and the birth of Opinio

Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That’s a lot of good reads!

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You know what you guys are??!! SIMPLY AWESOME!  Muchas gracias to all of you who have contributed to our awesome content. We look forward to more and more!!

Till next year then, yeah?!

Keep writing!!



And if you want to read some more awesomeness – The Best of 2013 is right here 🙂




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  1. HEY Sinatra!! #MotherRH

    Thank You, for ALL YOU Do always and keeping everything and everyone Together!!

    This is Simply Awesome! The BEST! YES!! We need BIGGER yEars 😀

    Wishing all of You, Your Family and Friends a Happy, Content & Prosperous New Year Ahead!!! 🙂

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Troubleshooting Alien sElf Writer, Tweeting and a Lame BLOGGER!! 


    Think – Do – Be #JustBeingMysElf #WikiRH

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    thanks darshan!

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  4. wow. This is an awesome collection – Also, the Business Pitch Funding Template was re-authored by me this year, so pitching it in 🙂

  5. Just realized that one of my posts is there in the list. Thanks a lot, Asha 🙂

    Once upon a time, I used to write a lot on WebProWorld forum. One day I saw my post featured as the top post of the month (or week, do not remember now) and it was a great feeling. 

  6. totally deserved saikat!

    waiting for your next big one 🙂

  7. Interesting collection .. It is going to keep me busy for few weeks … Thanks ASHA making everything at one place ….

  8. you’re very welcome ranjit!

  9. Thanks Asha. Nice list there!

  10. my bet with you shwaytaj – in the best of 2015 – we’ll have quite a few of your articles as well!

    one of my highlights of this time’s OH was discovering you!! keep rodinhooding 🙂

  11. WoooHoooo!!!

    Our very own ‪#‎MotherRH‬ Asha Has BEEN NOMINATED IN 4 CATEGORIES!!!! ‪#‎CMADAwards‬
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  12. Incredible Asha 🙂 This is amazing, some great stuff in here!

  13. hey thanks nistha. yeah – we really do have amazing content on trhs!! 

    it takes a lot of time compiling everything, but it is so worth the effort!!

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