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The Final Step to my dream project VEGEATARIO (formerly known as HOGERZONE), FUNDING REQUIREMENT

Hi Rodinhooders,

It’s been almost more than a month back, when I posted about my Start-up in the hospitality sector, named as VEGEATARIO.

I’m overwhelmed and highly grateful to each and everyone of you, who has seen the project, given their valuable time for the feedback, be it via mail, replies, calls. I’m highly overwhelmed by the response, and with a debt of gratitude, I THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU, FOR YOUR HUMBLE SUPPORT.

For all those who missed it out, this is my previous presentation of Vegeatario.


The response has made me believe that its all about meeting the right people at the right time. It has been a childhood dream of mine, to start off such a restaurant, now all I ask is for it to be brought to life, with the help for its funding.

I’m glad for all that Rodinhood, has provided, the platform to showcase my company. 

I would now wish to take the project to its Grand Finale, and I request you’ll, those who wish to and can fund my venture, and thus I’m here.

I would request everyone to please, help me out for getting connected to the right people, who wish to enter into the hospitality industry. I know the appetite of a company like ours is huge, the potential growth is phenomenal, but I would humbly request everyone, I wish to run the company not only for me, or my dream, but to grow as an Indian company which puts its footsteps across the borders in the long run, and tells those BIG ONES, ” I’m here to stay and scare you.” 

The future is far away, but in the current situation, all we need is a push to our car which is in the stagnant position, for quite some time now.

I’m looking at all types of funding, be it Debt, Angel, V.C. I wish to say, that the company will be growing slow in its early stages, since we will only be having operations through one outlet, and post 6 to 8 months, we will be adding our second outlet. 

The karma of my company is to provide the best at the lowest, we wish not to kill the pockets of the customer, but keep them smiling even when the leave  from our store, and await for their next delightful visit.

The dharma of my company is to be for the people, be it the employees, customers, suppliers, or anyone who is directly and indirectly connected to us.  A lot of people say, that’s what everyone talks, and then its all over when you reach a certain position.

I wish to define myself out here, I have been from the business background, worked with my father, and he always says to me “Keep the employees happy, and they will keep you happy.”

I would also wish to say, that I not only want to stay in the hospitality sector, but once things settle down in the venture, I will also be looking at various sectors as a buzzing bee, which are co-related or inter-related to the company, so as to increase the benefits, which I aim to profit from too. 

I wish to also point out, that all the photographs, have been clicked by me, and all these dishes, have been made by me. Thus I wish to say I’m self-driven. I don’t want to boast about myself, but just so as to answer a doubt, that none of the above dishes are brought from outside.
I want my company to be self driven, and for the same, I aim to be employee connected, and give them the best in the industry sooner or later.

In the end, I thank each and everyone those who have been a great support to bring Hogerzone to the place it is at the moment, knocking the doors to open itself to the world. 


I would also like to add a point about changing the name of the Restaurant from :
If you have any names which you can suggest, please feel free to reply.
Thank You Rodinhood and Rodinhooders, I will never forget in my entire life, that it was you who came out and supported such a Start-up, when it all looked gloomy and doomed.
Warm Regards,
Karan Pandhi
T : +91-9619-299-311
E : ;


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  1. All the best Karan! Do keep us updated. I would love to visit Hogerzone when I visit Mumbai.

  2. Thanks a lot Abdul,

    Will surely keep it updated, and not to worry when it opens, every Rodinhooder will be invited for its opening.

  3. karan ,

    Soory to say but i was not Impressed, here are my reasons

    1) the pitch is incomplete you have not included important details like minimum ticket value per Order 
    sales forcast ,break even analysis,revenue projection,ROI and ROR etc .

    2) why do u need a office to start a restaurant Business ?

    3) You have not defined your expansion plan 

    4)Also why u need so huge amt to start and why u need your salary cant you live without salary for one year
    i think u can start with 5lac and Grow organicaly also Opex can be cut down significantly

    5) Enterprenures are risk takers why wait for funding if you have it in you start small and grow big.
    show me a single Udipi restaurant who has VC or any kind of funding all are grown orgaincaly

    6) the name Hogerzone sucks it feels more like a PIG Farm then restaurant  :))

    Meaning of HOG (Source Google meanings)




    A domesticated pig, esp. one over 120 pounds (54 kg) and reared for slaughter.


    Keep or use all of (something) for oneself in an unfair or selfish way.


    we are indians think some desi name or a anglo india name if you are so obssed by western influnce
     eg : rangla punjab, desi tadka, Bharat cafe, Kake ka dhaba  etc why u want to be like MC donald and KFC etc

    soory if my comments have offended you in any ways but my intentions are not bad.
    if u need my help get in touch at



  4. Hi Prashant,

    Thank You for your suggestions, will surely update the pitch and revamp it, well I’m asking for higher as nobody is ready to fund me for lower amounts.

    1. I’m not taking any salary for the first six months, post which I look at taking a salary.

    2. I think you skipped out the last part, I have planned to name it as VEGETARIOplease read the last few lines again.

    3. I don’t need an office, but if I have excess funds, why keep it at certain percentage, rather why not infuse it into some inter-related business. Such as organic farming, etc.

    4. The above Opex expenses, are pure projections, so now one can say what the final expense would be until we start out. 

    5. I’m not starting here an Udipi restaurant, secondly I’m not looking only for VC funding, if I would have had that much funds, even say 5 lacs I wouldn’t have been here in the first place.

    I hope I have replied to a lot of your doubts. 



  5. 3. I don’t need an office, but if I have excess funds, why keep it at certain percentage, rather why not infuse it into some inter-related business. Such as organic farming, etc.

    My suggestion would be one step at a time.. Dedicate the funds, time and everything for one task initially and get it rolling and earning post that you can see how to deploy your funds to inter-related business.

    If you have excess money outlay the total requirement of funds and offtake it in parts. Say you decide to open two locations instead of one, Open the first and in a months time open the second . I am sure investors will be scared when you talk of multiple things at the same time.

    My 2 bits !!



  6. Hi Amar, 

    Thanks for your advice, I’m looking at opening the second outlet soon if I receive the said funding in the ppt.

    I just want to say, the office can be used for various purposes, for admin work, as I don’t want it on my head, so I have a few family members who will help me out in it.

    I have the plan as if I get the first outlet in the budget I have targeted, i.e. 12 lacs including certain opex expenses for the first few months. Post 2 – 3 months I will be using the rest surplus funds in getting the second one.

    Thank You Amar,

    If anyone is interested I would like to say I have no issues having multiple investors in the company. For Example

    Target Funding = 15,00,000/- (approx)

    No. of Innvestors = 100

    Amount needed per investor = 15,00,000/100 =15,000

    Shares allotted will be = 15,000/10 = 1,500 shares of the company.

    Thus anyone interested, please do let me know.

    I would highly appreciate for everyone talking about the funding part for the company as right now my focus is on opening the first outlet, and then thinking about what to do for the excess funds.

    Thank You



  7. Few points:
    You are QSR quick service restaurant
    Name: vegitreat,vigiBites VegiZz
    Need working on food styling design need to make it more appealing
    Taste test: is a stress test for your food stuff, test across people gather their feed backs,improvements.
    Watch TLC for American fast food joints
    How they operate,and serve mouth watering food stuff
    stick to your concept brief :sandwich Raps desserts
    What’s your Colaterals against DEBT? Incase your venture behaves contrary to your projections

  8. Why don’t you set up a shop in sweet and savory catagory…banglore will be great destination

  9. Hi Ashwin,

    Thanks for your suggestions, I have been watching those shows for quite some time now, and not only those on TLC, even on Food Food, Khana Khazana, even shows on ETV Gujarati and Marathi. 

    Well for debt, at the moment I don’t have any co-laterals, but yes, any loss will be borne by me post dilution of the company, which I don’t think or believe, (and I don’t want a pessimist approach as I believe they always bring negative vibes to the biz, than positive ones) will be the case at least in my life, cant speak post that. 

    My father was into sweets and savories, and that is what he is good in and I’m not, he was in manufacturing and wholesale and retail. That sector is good, and I have he upper hand in it due to my father. I look into that after Vegetario, since this is my dream, and that is his dream, so I don’t want to be called as “Baap ka dhanda tha aur us p baith gaya” (Dad’s biz was there and he sat without knowing anything), tough I worked from being a delivery boy, to a maker of malai pedas, but yet, I don’t want to walk into it without establishing in my field. 

    As this is where I want to flourish F&B, this is what I’m good at, thus I just feel not to give up on this dream till I fulfill it, and may be post a few years, walk into the sweets and savories market.

  10. Karan,

    I am not expert in the restaurant business but have you thought about any other unconventional resources like running your restaurant from a mobile van? Basically a food truck. 

    There are many benefits of exploring this model:

    Location flexibility – You can serve multiple locations based on the time of day. Colleges, Offices, Recreational spots etc. You can follow your customers than waiting for them to come to you. Bringing the customer to you involved marketing and that’s not cheap.

    Low Capex – No furniture or deposits.

    Low Opex – No electricity of maintenance charges etc.

    Marketing – Your van can help market the idea and you can have a website that shows your current location.

    Food trucks have been very popular in western countries but for some reason not made a mark here. The local municipal body might not allow you to cook in an automobile due to safety reasons but it seems like your product might not need much real time cooking. You can heat everything up before serving.


    Checkout the attachments.

  11. +1 for food truck concept

  12. Hi Sanket,

    The food truck concept in Mumbai isn’t possible due to health department and Police issues. As there are a few who make food at a kitchen and then serve it in a bus or Sweetish House Mafia. Since we are cooking in a truck the hygiene issues as per BMC is a big pain. I too had heard a lot from my friends and I too was interested in it but unfortunately the system and the country needs a change in policies.

    Thank you for your views.


    Karan Pandhi  

  13. No one will make the changes unless forced to and only an entrepreneur who can foresee an opportunity can make this happen. We have come a long way from the 80’s where the only option for a car was a fiat or an ambassador. We wouldn’t have been here if we had waited for the country to change its policies.

    I am sure the policies are flexible as our own vadapav wala and pani puri wala have carts…maybe not with engines but they sure are moving. Its just a matter of convincing the authorities. As far as the cooking goes, yes the cooking has to done at a kitchen(atleast until the authorities warm up to the idea and safety) but then that’s what might be considered an innovative operating model. We cannot expect to do everything the same way as everyone has always been doing and expect to race ahead. 

    Its a challenge, no doubt about it but then that’s what you’re looking for as a start up. Disruption!

    Just my 2 cents on it…

  14. How much is your skin in the game?

  15. Hi Abhishek,

    I didn’t understand what you wish to ask.

  16. Hi Karan,

                 Really liked your idea. I am representing Atom Incubators. We are the trusted partners for start ups in the journey. I really want to have discussion with you regarding your project. 


  17. Karan honestly you should hire a food stylist and get your final product look much appealing and tantalizing,
    Especially watch Eat Street on TLC, the American food trucks serving so many uniquely individually signature food stuff

    I mean you will find 1000 ways diff food truck serving the same standered Beef burger with fried becon and cheese….(eg)

  18. Eg Italian ice orange – you could add value by putting deep orange essence, lemon zest, little orange marmalade sheds, topped with mint and slice of orange…isn’t it?

  19. hey neil,

    would you like to do a separate post on the kind of ventures you’d be interested in funding…?! we all love ‘ANGEL INVESTOR IN THE HOUSE’ kinda posts!!

    ps: welcome back after a long break…!

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