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The Joy of a Catch — role of perspective in business

Confident knowledge of the ball in the air. Knowing why it’s there. Your friend threw it in the air for you. The slight anxiety, of the possibility, that you take a wrong step and let it slip through. Ball is thrown with calculated risk. But there is no plan B. And as it hurtles towards you following a predictable path, you understand that predictability is no guarantee of success.

The premature glory of that little thing flying without restraint. The smugness of being the one to hold it down. The misunderstood freedom of that little thing as it soars high. Forgetting it was thrown as a part of a plan. Freedom to spend borrowed money is no freedom. Experiencing a flight of someone else’s making is no flight.

Oh the joy of a catch. Hands clasping the ball tight. And letting it go, and walking home. The way it was meant to be. Or was it? What if you were supposed to drop the first one, and catch the second, or the third? What if the catch was a notorious master plan, and missing it is the way out? What if we cross the boundaries of what is presumed to be proper and not?

After 7 years out of college and having worked on both sides of the table, one thing that I have learned is perspective. An army marches on its stomach. A business is fuelled by positive cash flow. Delighting all customers could be a fool’s errand, we might need to do with ‘most’. Business is a thin line between work relationships and budgets. It’s a grey line between two contrasting priorities, where you need to place one before the other.

Starting up is a lesson in understanding that victory could be a good catch, and at times, even a missed one 🙂


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