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The Laptop Skin giveaway that is being concluded with a lot of Feedback and Positivity.

Disclaimer : This is the unedited original mail sent by me to Rodinhood Admin Team and was encouraged by Alok Sir to post it ‘as it is’ .  You may go through entire mail, but  the topic of every ones interest is the ‘Sutras’ that I talk about in the end…… please share your thoughts.


Hi All you Admins at,


Tees /Mugs / Caps/ are a a passe….Laptop skins is the ‘IN THING ‘.He He…..just kidding


…. I saw the Giveaway Tshirt post and want the Tee  Immediately , besides, it struck me Laptop Skins  is the new Tee in the  ” I wear my attitude” world.


So since I truly , really, wholeheartedly , enthusiastically , sincerely support the Rodinhood spirit  ,  As a gesture to be contributor , i wish to contribute by offering  10 laptop skins. Let me know if its aligned to what you guys have planned. In return I ask for basically 1 tshirt .  



Preview Pic of How  KIKASS  the Laptop can be  , is attached with this mail.

Also attaching some other work that we have done for some other clients , that should tell how cool the laptops once they have an identity.


Whether you guys wish to mention or my name anywhere is none of my business , so that’s up to you folks .  🙂 


Additionally , I feel, we should do more with the RODINHOOD spirit by defining some core values which we can call  the ‘RODINHOOD SUTRAS’


For eg:

Sutra No 1:  Where there is a will or an entrepreneur , there is a way.


Sutra No 2 :  Negotiate with Reality and Rationalism . Its fun and result oriented.


Sutra No 3: Be Un-realistic






so on and so forth…….we could build designs/ merchandise/vector art  around these..



Let me know your thoughts..




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  1. Hi Akash,

    Great gesture for offering the Rodinhood laptop skins. How can I get one of these.


  2. HI Akash, I think it is a great gesture and Alok has now created a sense of competition amongst us to win these exclusive tees. Would love to get one as you are right in that it truly embodies the spirit of the entrepreneur. A couple of suggestions I would suggest would be to include the space within the skin for the apple logo for Mac laptops to show through somehow (if that is possible) and also you should include theskinmantra website/logo somewhere on the skin as well.


  3. Thanks Amit man….

  4. Apple Skin is more difficult than one can imagine as it requires a separate equipment. We have the equipment , are

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