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The Marathon

The marathon runs past the Monastery! As a practice, Sensei waves to the runners from the terrace and the monks cheer and hand them water bottles.

After the race, the runners are invited for hot showers and to a delicious lunch in the Monastery. This time, after lunch, the runners were requested to share their experiences.

One runner said, “Running is very emotional for me. One moment I feel happy, the next other moment, I feel deflated. But I just go on”.

A seasoned runner said, “I run for the crowds. They inspire me. It’s as if I am running for them.”

A lady said, “It’s my personal high. I feel on top of the world when I cross the finish line.”

The monks clapped for them. Then Sensei said, “Let me tell you about the Marathons of the Mind. You all run many marathons in your mind, every day. Thinking of places to be at, distances to cover, people to overtake, and finish lines to cross. Well, these Mind Marathons are invented only by yourself. It’s a race you run alone. Look around carefully and you will see no one running with you.”



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