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The matchmaking app which wants your blood test to find you a match!

Yes. You read it right.

This should not sound crazy! But this matchmaking app requires you to get medically tested apart from 8 other verifications to get you onboard to find a match.

The problem:

As you already know and must have been there, done that – most singles in India / non-resident Indians seek matches on traditional matrimonial sites. And people looking for matches here are looking for  serious relationship / getting married.

While Indian marriages come with a lot of vital questions about age, education, income, location, medical history, etc which people are often not comfortable disclosing. Sometimes it’s against their ego to share such vital information and sometimes they’re already faking information about themselves to get a better match!

It’s common in India to see matrimonial profiles where:

  • People show they are 3-5 years younger than their actual date of birth, so they could fit into the ‘marriageable age’
  • Mention their education as one level / degree higher to match with  prospective match’s education
  • Inflate income to show they are ‘well settled’
  • Fake profession
  • Then you have the usual trolls, flirts who’re just there to get girls’ numbers.
  • Photoshopping photos and putting up studio shot photos to look ‘more beautiful’
  • Faking their location / address to bigger cities since people do not wish to match with others from smaller cities
  • Fraud profiles who’re looking to scam gullible people monetarily
  • Not disclosing medical records / health status which is quite important these days for sexual health, planning for babies and otherwise

The eventual problem this leads to – singles are afraid to ask these questions and often frauded.

And this is what matrimonial sites feel about fake profiles, because for them, they simply don’t exist –

The solution:

A robust mechanism to verify singles before then can board on our matchmaking platform would make life easier for true singles.

Introducing –, the matchmaking app where users go through 9 step verifications before their profile can be listed on the matchmaking app.

With Truejodi, the verifications are elaborate and as you can see from the above, users are required to verify themselves before they can enter the platform to see new matches. The verifications work this way:

  • Photos: Photos are not only checked for obscenity / spam / fakes, Truejodi also does not accept studio shot photos. This is quite a shift from traditional matchmaking to avoid photoshopped / airbrushed photos. Photos are also cross verified with the photo ID proof submitted to ensure only real photos are accepted.
  • Mobile Number: Ensures an added layer of security to avoid duplicate profiles and manipulations
  • Facebook: Having a social profile helps. More so, in the matchmaking scenario. Using Facebook’s credentials help us match user’s basic information which should match with the information already entered and yes, having min. 30 friends is mandatory for this verification step to be accepted.
  • ID proof: If you’re genuine, you should have an ID proof. Isn’t it? It helps us identify a user’s age, full name and a genuine photo which can help cross verify photos.
  • Education: Qualification certificates help in approving this section. Once verified, Truejodi also notes their university / college names on a user’s profile.
  • Address: While users can use a valid ID proof to verify their address, however, if not, users can enter their latest address manually and Truejodi sends a physical PIN for verification.
  • Income: Latest three months salary slips or the previous year’s IT returns help gauge a person’s income statistics.
  • Medical records: The most vital of them all, we have tied up with labs across India who do home collection of blood samples from users and they’re tested for vital health factors, diseases, medical history so their prospective matches can get a complete picture of someone’s health

Each verification earns users a trust rating point and a min. of 4 trust rating points are required to get in to checkout matches. Doing this, helps keep a check on fakes and frauds and makes matchmaking smooth for users as they don’t have to ask these questions again! also goes the next step in matching people’s interests so users not only see verified matches, but also can match similarities to strike a chord.

Who we are:

We’re the same guys who develped QuackQuack, an Indian dating app, which has 1.3 million users, 600k app downloads and the only revenue generating, cash positive dating app in India in it’s space. And yeah, completely bootstrapped!

Do checkout and give us your honest views and recommendations.

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  1. holy moly!!! what a revolution in jodi making!! very interesting to see people going the extra mile to ensure people don’t get swindled in the matching-making process!

    so, how big is your team? and how’s the response been to all these stringent procedures? do folks easily share all their correct details?

    what happened to quackquack? i remember one of our rodinhooders who runs another dating site mentioning it….(clearly i’m not your TA!) 

    ravi, pls add your twitter handle at the end. 

    and just an editorial suggestion – PLS ALWAYS run a spellcheck before posting anything anywhere!!! there were lots of typos in this post 🙁 

  2. Hi Asha,

    Thanks a ton for the feedback. Edited the article for mistakes. Added social profiles.

    We’re a 15 member team, the same team also works on QuackQuack. The response has been encouraging so far as people are really fed up of the current matchmaking scenario in India.

    We’re seeing 15 people out of 100 completing min. 4 verifications to get in. The response from female users is overwhelming!

    QuackQuack is doing fine and we’re on a steady growth. Most of our funded competitors are trying very hard but failing at what we’re achieving.

  3. I think this is super. 

    Its a clinical approach to an emotional opportunity.

    Good luck team!

    I may contact you for another opportunity. Please send me your mail id?

    I am

  4. Hi Alok,

    Thank you for loving what we’re doing!

    I have also emailed you my email on Sunday evening.


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