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The Mountaineers

Two accomplished mountaineers visited the Monastery. One of them was quite famous for scaling the peak of a major mountain. The other man was his brother.

Over lunch of soft noodles, black bean tofu and sauteed snow peas, the monks, Sensei and the mountaineers discussed their travels and challenges.

Describing his historic climb, the famous mountaineer said, “My brother and I reached the ledge of the peak together. He was two feet ahead of me. Just before climbing the final step, he said, “Let me support you and hoist you up.” And, before I knew it, I was on the peak and my brother just below me.”

This was an unknown story that silenced everyone. After desserts of fresh pears and pine tea, the mountaineers left the Monastery.

Sensei was quite moved. He said, “By helping his brother climb the peak and become world famous, the other brother proved the importance of personal character and leadership. Always concentrate on building ‘what you are’, over ‘who you are’.”



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