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The QNET Scam and 2 Questions that haunt me

Dated : 15-4-2016 as featured in the Times of India

On 30th August, 2013, I asked this question via this Quora post

What is the Business Model of QNet?

In the past few months, I have come across many people who are engaging in this business called ‘QNet’.

At first I brushed it aside, thinking it to be one of those Amway kind of ‘pester marketing networks’, but the noise didn’t go away.

Recently, I was contacted by an ‘agent’ of QNet via Linkedin who had not researched my profile. I indulged her to ‘reveal’ what the business was all about. She asked me to come to some mall in Malad (suburb of Mumbai) for a ‘meeting’ which I politely refused. Then some ‘Senior’ from QNet from Ahmedabad was visiting Mumbai and wanted to meet me. I was again asked for a ‘meeting’ in Dadar (Central Mumbai). I refused and simply said, “Why don’t you guys come and meet me in my office?” That DID NOT SUIT THEM. Finally we agreed to a telecon. On the call, the ‘Senior’ said “QNet is in London, Paris, etc etc….” I cut him in the middle and asked him, “Do I have to pay to get involved?” He did not like the question and in the end said, “You aren’t the right profile for us…”

I FOUND THE WHOLE CONVERSATION SCAMMY. The ‘Lady’ sent me a rude message later saying, “You should have told me who you were…” ???? 

Last week, I met another person who seemed almost brainwashed by QNet and that incident prompted me to post the following 10 questions for QNet. Note that I have ALSO provided example ANSWERS so that there is no confusion in what to expect as a reply:

Q1. WHAT is the Business of QNet 

Example Question – What is the Business of Jet Airways?
Answer – The business of Jet Airways is to transport people using Airplanes.

2. What is the GREATNESS in products that QNet sells?

Take a look at

(Example Question What is the Greatness of the products Apple Inc sells?

Answer to example: iPhone is one of the best mobile phones in the world, and that has been proven by its global sales volumes

3. Who makes these products that QNet sells and what is the relationship of QNet the Company and the manufacturers?

Is it Vendor – Principal, Self Manufactured or a combination of both? (Question is to understand the cost structure of QNet)

4. What margins are possible to be earned on such products? Answer with world examples of similar industries and quote some publicly available data.

(Example Answer – See –…. )

5. How can these margins be remunerative by sharing across multiple levels of people?

If margins are finite, how can sharing be infinite? (It is possible mathematically but if I divide say US$ 19 commission between say 390,000 people, each person gets a ridiculously meaningless share).

6. Why cant QNet sell its great products (with its great margins like Walmart) and become the biggest retailer in the world?

7. If the Business Model of QNet is to empower people, make them rich and free them so that they can pursue their hobbies, why can’t QNet FIRST become a Fortune 500 Company (like Walmart) and then OPEN A WORLD CLASS COLLEGE like Harvard that educates people for FREE and liberates people so that they can do what they want in the world??

Pointed question – WHY should people sell QNet to Free themselves?

8. Why is the process of approaching potential ‘members’ like that of a secret Cult? Why didn’t ANY OF THE PEOPLE who approached me simply say, “Alok, Sell QNet” (Like they say – Sell Insurance) – WHY DID THEY MAKE IT SOUND LIKE VOODOO??

9. Is the QNet model ONLY based on “PESTER MARKETING”? (Defined: I will tell you to buy and you WILL BE obliged TO BUY because you can’t say NO to me because of our relationship) 


This is the most important Question. Let’s assume that I am a great seller (I know 100k people), and QNet has a great product, why can’t I just SELL PRODUCT on a case on case basis and pass on the moneys to QNet? Why should I invest lacs upfront (as I was asked to do) ???

Why can’t I buy say 3 products and sell them (as a trader) and then if successful continue to enlarge the circle?


I would be VERY obliged to receive answers to these 10 questions if possible!

After I posted the question, 43 replies came in over the weeks. Some replies revealed the kind of ‘brainwashing’ QNet had achieved amongst the most clever of people:

Check out some of those answers (Name of person linked to Quora Profile)


Gokul Nath

Great Questions!!! But I do pity most of the answers here!!

Guys you were “invited” by your friends to start with them in QNET. Most of you went for the meeting and chatted with them and feel that they were following a set pattern, practiced pattern for the meeting. Obviously!! In your own company, when you are making a presentation to your future clients/ customers/ alliances, you would definitely practice it so that nothing would go wrong at the time of the meeting.

Anyone who has not gone past the meeting stage, don’t deserve to answer here, because you don’t know what goes on once you are in. I personally know a couple of friends who are into this for over an year and are making decent money. They spend around $9K and then upgraded their investment to $13.5K, and they have recovered their investment in 10 months time and are now earning more than $6K a month, summing up to approximately 3.75Lakh rupees per month- bigger than our salary and that too while still being in the comfort zone of our job.

True that you have to invest big… but then when the returns are big, the investment should be bigger.

Q-Net is the direct selling partner for Manchester City FC guys and do you think that they or their lawyers are idiots to partner with a scam company?? They sponsored the F1 racing events..and they are around for 16 years +. I watched their intro video and they tell about all these gold quest etc..their evolution and all and its not kept a secret!!

I just joined a week back seeing the success of my pals and it looks great!! Don’t approach the meetings with a prejudiced mind. Keep your mind open to the positives. Frauds are there everywhere!! Even Satyam Computers had a fraud, but would u dare call the company a fraud?

But as I said, guys who joined them, and sincerely worked towards their dream, and still had bitter experiences, please do share your experiences, because then we can call this a scam…others are not even eligible to comment!!

I am positive that I can come back and give a good testimonial in an year’s time and then possibly get u guys to buy some products through me!! :p


Deepak Farmania

Hi Alok,

Thanks for bringing up all these questions in public. I see the opportunity in the challenge. Following answers are totally my understanding of QNET. I’m open for criticism / discussion but with an open mind.

Ans1) Qnet is in the business of selling various products and services through an ecommerce platform using direct sales and network marketing business models

Ans2) Qnet never claims its products to be the best in the market but they are definitely competitive. Few major products being sold in India are – 1) Biodiscs; 2) QVI vacations; 3) Swiss watches

Biodisc – It is a natural energy generating device that produces SCALAR energy frequencies that have no negative side effects. Based on Nano Technology, the energy created, specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids. This improved energized water become more hydratious, taste better and extends its shelf life, all being important to your wellness. Applications of biodisc are numerous; pls google.

QVI vacations – Very price competitive in the market; direct competitors are Club Mahindra; Country club …etc. In some criteria we are better in others our competitors are.

Swiss watches – we have 3 brands – Chairos; BH Mayer; Cimier. These are luxury limited edition swiss watches. Obviously there are various other swiss watch making brands in the world. Rankings can be referred in the barcil world watch show.

My understanding of world is – Greatness is a relative term and its very hard to say which product is the best in the market considering lot of criteria a product can be judged on. Its like India today rating IIT Bombay best in 2012 but Business standard rating IIT Kanpur the best. Thus even though iPhone is the best mobile (in few criteria) other mobile companies cater to a set of customers base who don’t like iPhone.

Ans3) Most of the products and services sold on Qnet portal are owned by QI group of companies. Pls refer –; Better understanding of the cost structure of Qnet can only be provided by corporate team of the company which is in Bangalore. QI group is head quartered in Hongkong with a very strong base in Malaysia as well

Ans4) QI group of companies markets its various products / services through its direct sales & ecommerce arm – QNET. The products are majorly categorized in following business lines – 1) lifestyle & leisure; 2) luxury & collectibles; 3) Training and education; 4) property development & project management; 5) Logistics 6) Direct sales. The margins in these business lines / industries are available in the link provided in the question itself.

Ans5) By not following a typical distribution model of wholesales & distributors QI group for selling its products / services it saves the MAD cost which is a major component of the end price of any product/service across industries. A part of this MAD cost is distributed as commission to the IRs (Independent representatives) when the products are sold through the direct sales arm – QNET. Please note that all business lines of QI group are not sold through QNET. To understand how the money gets distributed in the whole network of IRs, your mathematical logic is valid but unfortunately that’s not the business model. Lets sit with pen and paper next time, if we meet. 

Ans6) Partly the question has been answered in Question#5. Further adding the simple reason is Walmart’s vision may be to become the biggest retailer in the world but vision of QI group of companies is to change the lives of people it touches by following the mission – RYTHM (Raise yourself to help mankind). The core values of the QI Group are derived from Gandhi’s teachings of Truth, Service, Care and Raising Oneself. Thus QI group uses QNET with network marketing as a business model as a platform to empower people towards financial freedom, which is truly organic in nature.

Ans7) Very beautiful question. Thanks for asking this. Obviously the best and precise answer can be given only by the visionary and founder of the company. But let me share my understanding.
One aspect of the business model of Qnet is of-course making people financially free but that’s a very small part. As mentioned in reply to Question#6, the mission of QI group is RYTHM in which RY – (Raise yourself) means evolving oneself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically & financially and become a person who can create the change he believes in and as an entrepreneur duplicates his thoughts in others. Infact, making money becomes the by-product of this process and it automatically happens as the person becomes worthy of millions. Helping someone achieve such level of evolution / change can’t be done just by attaching them to a school (like HBS) rather by putting them in the education system which belives – “The wisdom is in doing and not just thinking”. To understand more reasons i highly recommend a read – “The business school” – by Robert T. Kiyosaki in which the author talks about the eight hidden values of a network marketing business, other than making money. You may choose to ignore the read but i share this with you with the same passion as you share “An autobiography of a Yogi” with others.

Ans8) Again a very interesting question. Very simple answer to that is because no 2 people can talk exactly same. If 10 people watch a movie then they will spread the word about it in 10 different ways. Qnet is a network marketing business where in millions of people spread the word in their million ways as long as they are complying with the policies and procedures of the company. I can completely relate to your feeling of this – “Secret cult thing”. But i can just say at this point that give Qnet a benefit of doubt because you can’t learn 100% about something unless you experience it.

But yes I can definitely explain why, to me, it doesn’t make sense directly to say – “Alok, lets sell Qnet (like insurance)”. Answer is because insurance and Qnet are totally diff things. There are 2 kind of prospects for an IR (independent representative) of QNet – a) A prospective customer; b) A prospective business partner. A prospective customer can be approached directly depending on the product segment he’s being targeted. But finding right business partners isn’t easy which i’m sure you can appreciate being an entrepreneur yourself. Before even putting that question about working together on Qnet i first need to know Alok as a person and whether we are like-minded and out belief and priorities in life, up to an extent, match or not. To do all this obviously i need to know you more and that obviously will take some time and few meetings before landing to the question – “Alok, lets sell Qnet”.

Ans9) No not at all. To be honest, i didn’t like the word – “Pester” but its okay. I’m open to criticism. Learning something out of it.
I believe you got this question because in the past you had the experience of people pestering you to buy based on relationship. But that doesn’t mean that’s Qnet model. That’s simply means that’s person’s style of talking / selling. If i ask 10 different people – what’s God? Obviously there will be 10 different replies which are purely based on their belief system which is shaped up by the past under the influence of few life event, situations, family, friends and society. But truth is God remains as one.
Like any other network marketing company, QNet faces difficulty in controlling how its IRs do the business but the challenge also presents an opportunity to stand out and prove that QNET is here to stay. I guess, since last 15 yrs QNET has come far ahead and stood different and that’s why you are brushing against it time and again through different people.

Ans10) Who said you can’t? There are 2 ways you can register with QNET – either as an individual or as a company. What you are exploring is probably possible if you register with QNET as a company. You need to contact the corporate office to know more about this option. In that case what i guess, and i may be wrong, that you will be registering your company with QNET either as a franchisee or a distributor / trader which is obviously not network marketing and your profit margins will be +/- some % of industry trends which of course will not make you rich. Ex – i haven’t heard any Apple franchisee owner / distributor becoming a multi-millionaire. If i’m wrong here then pls do correct me.

1000’s of people have 1000’s of reasons to register as an individual and do business with QNET but trust me on this – directly or indirectly what any person seeks, in this world, can be catered by network marketing business model (especially QNET). With rising unemployment, its the only industry in the world which can absorb anybody with any reason / dream to fulfill with only qualifying criteria of “being open to change and be worthy”


Piyush Tripathi

Qnet is not a scam before try anything its wrong to say about it, people who put case against Qnet already in jail and some cases are not proved against Qnet.I am already doing but thinking same earlier but its different from MLM skeams. I an already earning good every month. If need more information contact me. Company already completed 16 years , if scam then how completed think it and also sponsor Manchester city soccer team, how Manchester city will not ruined their name if Qnet is scam, its a place to earn extra apart from salary.

Kamalakannan Balasubraniam


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  1. Sir, 

    We all know fooling each other is no rocket science but a social malaise.

    My quick MAY BE answers:

    1. Loneliness not blindness of intelligent people attracts them to scamsters (: a person who deceives people to get their money : a person who scams people). When the cold call rings the other person on the other side seems to be your best friend.

    2. Lonely and Intelligent people (blindly) find a reason to call their lost friends family and colleagues and also take efforts to get them involved and make them participate in a RISKY ADVENTURE. 

    I know little about human Psychology but experts will have a better take.

    They say: 

    Wise enemy is better than a foolish friend

    Best Regards


  2. I have personally seen this happening at Coffee Shop in Malad. I was sitting next to their table. 45 minutes meeting and this lady (housewife) handed over cheque of 5 lacs. They have too good way of fooling people. I was really impressed with the way (strategy) they closed the deal.


    First this lady was with one person (may be her introducer to new business) discussing about some business for 15-20 minutes. After that one girl (his senior) came and she brainwashed this lady for 30 minutes. Then one senior person joined. He was pretending as if he was too much busy in life and discussed about this business with that lady for 10 minutes and left.


    Then again this 2 people started convincing this lady and she invested 5 lacs.

    They follow same system each time to get the person sign up.  And they are regular in that coffee shop.

  3. A friend of mine from KPMG called me to a Haagen Dazs in Powai for “partnering on an amazing venture”. I was really reluctant, but just out of eagerness to share my feedback if she was planning a startup, I went. What happened next was so entertaining. She was joined by her husband (who worked in Citibank across the street). They said they had called their senior as well who had flown in from Chennai. They requested me to treat him with respect even if I disagreed with what he said because he was a senior.

    After 30 minutes of suspense, “the senior” turns up. He walks in with a suitcase in hand and starts talk about my interests and hobbies and the rest of the script. I decided to play along (many of my friends who are part of various MLM scheme had invited me to join these schemes. I had far too much experience too be fooled and honestly I was having fun).

    30 minutes later, I decided to change the game.I asked what they had to offer, what was the name of the company and where were their visiting cards? What I realised is that these assholes don’t like to be questioned on their weak points. They get confused and use anger as a form of subduing their victims because they know what they are doing is illegal, but they know they have some relation which will protect them.

    But don’t fool yourself. They are excellent salesmen. And they have a tried and tested strategy and a alarmingly high success rate inspite of having shitty over-priced products. These meetings did teach me a lot about the strategy of marketing things.

  4. Ans 1 – a) Social Proof, Evidence of earnings, belief ki itne saare logon ko ek saath pagal nahin banaya ja skata, agar itne saare logon ko pagal bana rahe hote to pakade gaye hote…., similar. b) Yes, C) Greed (the motivation that predisposes you to the BS) & that the reps passed the customers ‘token’ bullshit tests (The rebuttals were well thought out, and thanks to all the prep culture they instill in their reps – Similar to any world class sales organization. Their real product IS sales, mostly)

    Ans 2 – A combination of 2 things – 1) Similar to what Obama wrote in reference to raising money from wall street “……and if the opinions of these insiders don’t quite jibe with those you once held, you learn to rationalize the changes as a matter of realism, of compromise, of learning the ropes.”  Except in this case they don’t even have to bother with the bit about ‘compromise’ because – 2) They are already sold, completely convinced. Now all they have to do is sell with & from that conviction.

    just my 2 cents…..

    1. How can the most intelligent people on earth get fooled by something that easily looks like a scam? Do clever people really think that ‘easy money’ can be earned in a legit way? What makes them go blind?

  5. Hi Alok,

    I might not be able to provide a comment on direct operations of QNet.

    I’ve have learnt to focus for vague expressions like:

    “Everyone is a potential client” and “An expected return is between 15% to 100%+” 

    This the message which I’ve received from a company which operates in the travel/holiday scheme space.


    ” Thank you for accepting my connection request.

    I see you are a person who is seeking for opportunities and additional income streams. Well there is a growing company which opened its Taiwan operations as their 29th Global Country for business on 31/5/2015 with a launch in Taiwan that 7000 people attended. This company is moving progressively in the Tourism & Travel Industry and they are looking for a few key people in South Africa to roll their business here. Their Hong Kong business grew by 1500% last year and 80% Globally by the end of 2014… Considering that you are enthusiastic about new opportunities, I just thought you might want to take on this opportunity and see how it can benefit your current activities directly and indirectly, because this is the best industry to be in right now considering that it is a growing USD industry and that alone works to our favor given the currency. That is if you want to earn in USD, unless if you are already? Would you be open to explore to see if you can benefit in a big way from this? It’s mainly part time projects which would not interfere with what you currently do and it creates US$ income – both active and passive income. You can make extra income in SA, Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan if you have contacts there. If you would like to consider it, I can link you with a representative of the company in South Africa for more information.

    What are your preferable contact details to this extent? “


    I subsequently declined to share my contact details, as I had a knowledge of the “scheme” was was in regards off. Our secret, I received a similar message on Facebook, which is how there was prior knowledge of this scripted memo.

    From my experience there is an intention, not to reveal the identity of the scheme / thing, as the ‘recruiter/network’ wants to make one curious, anxious, and this “once in a lifetime-offer that is just so exclusive just about any and every online can see” – they want one to lose the sense of perspective. 

    What I have heard. is that there is a holding company which appears to be legitimate, then around this holding company is a bunch of subsidiaries or agents, these subsidiaries or agents are perceived to operate in independence or isolation capacity in various locations, so any actions(s) or lack of thereof can’t be undertaken or tracked back to the holding company. While at other times it might just be a house of cards or dominoes stacked parallel.

    In South Africa there was a “thing” called “MMM” that wanted to become a financial provider | bank | , but was nor a bank nor a financial intermediary, positioned as a community that provided a return of 30% per month equally positioned as against banks, financial institution, you get the picture, however the money was deposited into the person’s bank account. 

    The actual positioning: That’s right people, you get a return of 360% p.a – and “come together against the unjust system, just that you need to have a bank account from a bank (the very ones that supposedly created the system and that MMM was fighting against).” Here you find the definition of…Ambiguity

    Result: MMM tried to experiment with BitCoins  + pay 100% =  collapsed of a cliff, into the sea, then into an deep abyss.

    Ultimately it depends on the proposition of the scam; whether it is a ludicrous return-rate, conditioned in believing the statement or message, the perceived lifestyle as the only fact in existence, while ignoring all other aspects and will the script becoming the philosophy in the state of being although this would be more applicable to the state of need. 



  6. Hi Alok,

    Its good to see such a revealing post on a scam like Qnet. People should be made aware of such scams.

    I personally know people who spent lakhs of rupees into this and has got nothing back. On the top of this, they are also influenced to go for a “Business” trip to Malaysia and buy their worthless products. They not only make fool of themselves by paying their money but also make their friends and family to invest lakhs of hard earned cash.

    Qnet agents usually target 9-5pm IT employees who look for some cash earning alternatives. This makes them vulnerable to such scams.

    One should always remember a fact to get out of such scams;

    Money cannot be earned so easily unless you are willing to do fraud.



  7. I have also been approached by one of the folks at QNet who wanted to discuss an exciting business opportunity. When he provided no information on how he got my name and number and insisted I come down for a face to face meeting in their office I smelt bullshit. Anyways it was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I wanted some entertainment 🙂

    I went to their office in Koramangala (Bangalore) and the presentation went in pretty much the same way it has been described. I told them I was not interested in earning and happy with my life and exited the premises. To answer Alok’s questions,

    1) Humans are guided more by emotions than rational thinking; even the intelligent ones have their moments of weakness. The takeaway from QNet for entrepreneurs should be the effective sales pitch. They never disclose their product or business model first. They make you talk and spill the beans about your secret wishes. And then they sell you your own dream at a premium! It is a bloody good strategy. While I do not appreciate their products but I think we can adopt their strategy for selling good products 🙂

    2) Most of the time people do not realise they are conning their own friends. Since they have spent so much money, they have confirmation bias that their decision is right. And then try to convince others to join as well. And yeah sometimes there are greedy people too.

  8. Hi Alok,

    Your this post is something I came across right on time 🙂
    I just went to such thing on last Sunday, already rejected this huge opportunity as I won’t spend 2.5L for such thing and well, I am saving money for many more things in life.

    I feel awesome now!

  9. wow pankaj! a big phew!! thanks for sharing!!

    all the more reason for each one of us to share this post across our own social networks i guess….

  10. Hey Alok, nice to see this post. Thanks for sharing my earlier Quora reply (to your 10 questions), as well. I think my answers are still valid and i stand by it.

    I’ll one by one, reply to the new 2 questions asked by you, but before that a generic response is here below. 

    After reading through this article till the end, it gives me an impression that you are following Qnet news till date. Which is good. I hope that you wait till the end when the company and is declared legal / illegal by the courts and write another article. If the company wins the case, then those people who right now believe that they got (or are getting) fool by Qnet NOW……will think otherwise and might even think that they got fool (or misled) by this post of yours. 

    FYI – If i remember correctly, back in 1950s when franchisee model was picking up in USA, then companies like McDonald’s was declared illegal but eventually they won the case and today we all eat McD’s burgers. I’m sure that time also there must be few intelligent people who were being perceived by other (or majority of intelligent people) as FOOLS. 

    If i have heard correctly, today we have ED/EOW investigating Shahrukh Khan, Agustawestland related people, Vijay Mallya, Reliance, Adani and many more celebrities/ Politicians/ Companies. I really like your analytical approach and way of presenting facts and at the end expressing your opinion. Thus it would be interesting to see your posts on these cases as well. As the co-founder of TRH community and successful entrepreneur, would you suggest the community members  to not let their startups associate with these people or companies even if they are getting an offer from them as customer/client/investor/partner?

    For example – Suppose tomorrow Red-chillies (or Shahrukh khan) agrees to invest in any of us TRH community member’s startup, then what do you suggest? As a struggling entrepreneur, dying to make it work, shall we take the money or wait till the investigations are over and decision has been given by the courts. 

    Reply to your 2 more questions –

    1. As you rightly said – “It LOOKS like scam” and “NOT YET PROOVEN”. The company is still operational and legitimate under Indian laws. Though due to negative publicity the sales might have gone a little down. As can be seen in my earlier response – Qnet money is never shown as ‘Easy or Quick money’. Its sorry to see such perception of general public about it. MLM industry in general, along with many advantages, has few disadvantages and one of them is – having less control over what kind of company’s image is being imparted to potential customers / partners along with whether policies & procedures are being mentioned correctly and explicitly or not. This is why right kind of training is given to the teams/associated partners and methodical / systematic approach is followed, which may look scripted to few people. But, that’s how companies become successful as they scale up. I’m sure in your company too you have processes/systems/trainings/method approach etc. Thus it doesn’t matter whether person X represents the company or person Y…..the same message is conveyed to people getting associated either as partner/investor/customer/vendor

    2. Well, since i believe that most of the Qnet business people are not fooling others, i wouldn’t be able to answer this question. Answer to “why i believe, Qnet is not about fooling people” can be found in my 10 replies to your 10 questions posted in Quora earlier

    Warm Regards,


  11. You know Deepak,

    I appreciate defending and standing by your decisions as long as you believe it is a right decision.

    As I see, the whole MLM is a scam thing if the products you are selling is not much of worthy of the money invested. Few years back, I lost about 7000 bucks for what? a username, password and 4 CDs! That’s right! I was naive and just got hypnotized by the opportunity and I can say I was not ready for business or making money like that or better, I was not good at selling on streets like that.

    Anyway, as I said, if the product is something usable and of value, I would take my chances but as I see Qnet, 1. Money they asked for was way too high!! Man it is 2.5 lakhs they asked for. I would rather buy shares of BHEL right now than spending on Qnet.

    2. The products being offered – costly watches/hotel expenses for trips (pre-tax)/courses and other stuff – they all so irrelevant to me or any other common people. Why? If I want to show off with a watch, I would buy Tag Heuer or Rado and stuff. I never find time to go for a trip but if I do, there are anyway several packages that are good and cheap and Qnet only pays for hotel, everything else including VISA/planes/taxes/others are being borne by us. Courses – I will find anything online for free or join local some institute than spending 1000s of Rupee on courses and I am sure no Qnet person buy courses anyway.

    Compare it with Amway – they offer memberships, offer discounts to members and give you products that you can use everyday like toothpaste and that nutritional product that rocked!

    Asking for money in lakhs in return of nothing – sounds no more than a scam!

    PS: Please pardon my candidness or immaturity since I see everywhere people mentioning to give opinion only after joining something. Honestly, I dont need to as I have joined similar stuff in the past only to lose money.

  12. You always have a choice to say “NO”. I’m glad you exercised that power. 

    Even if i don’t completely agree with your perspective but its okay. 2 humans can disagree on many things 🙂

    It’s happy to know if you have taken an informed decision based on facts and not just opinions. Also it matters a lot, from whom you are taking opinion; a successful person or failed one. 

    If i ask 10 divorcee whether i should get married then of-course i wouldn’t. Even if i get married and still stay in their association then most likely i will be joining their club soon. 

    All the very best wishes for your future endeavors; may your dreams come true soon



  13. The insistance of the QNet salespeople to meet in person tells me that not only did their pitch rely on the trite visual illusion of “the good life” as portrayed by that “busy rich top management that just walked in for a few minutes” trick, on account of there being lack of substance. Also, another reason could be that this way, there is not enough concrete record (in the form of emails exchanged or CCTV footage inside a quiet office of a potential investor as opposed to the busy coffee shops and malls or even recorded phone calls) of the false promises made to the “investors” which can be dismissed in court as misunderstanding/misinterpretation or just plain old “the prosecution is lying” bit. This might have also helped them to glide under the radar this whole time.

    Recommend the movie “Revolver (2005)” it covers the concept of “con” in great detail.

  14. Depak, even if you ask a married person whether i should get married, the answer is “Dekh Le bhai teri marzi” 🙂

    Even I was hounded by a Qnet group of people to spend Rs. 1.5 lakhs three years ago. What I needed to thereafter, to find another persons who can spend lakhs to become members. I knew the modus operandi of MLM, therefore refused to join them.


    -Qnet / Amway person never tell you over phone anything on the business.

    -They have a very intelligent and high earner senior, who takes you around and around, never talk in simple way, to make write a cheque or Credit Card immediately.

    -If asked some logical question on the numbers explained, they just try to sell you dreams of financial freedom.

    – They ask you to attend seminars and events to hone your selling skills. This is another way of keeping their mind occupied or to trap new murga.

    – I believe youtube have much better content from industry leaders.TRH gives a lot of information and idea on business skills. Alok’s article is really insightfull.

    -Qnet does not have actual business. If it is a actual business why one needs to become Qnet member or spend money to enter into their network.

    If they have great business / concept, why to hide behind a so called network. Open it up sell to millions and make much more money.

    Couple of weeks ago in CCD Sector 18 Noida, there were around 5-6 young persons chatting with each other. They were literally chatting “Ek baar cheque de de phir bhaad mein jaye”.

    Socho,Samjho, phir Karo.

  15. All of you guys are amongst the 97 percent people who never take risk let me tell you qnet is a unique firm and if someone attended vcon and still didn’t get it then you’re dumb plus it’s a business opportunity the products are recession proof and if you don’t understand the b of business don’t post shit here asking questions keep doing you’re shitty jobs while the people who actually are working hard at qnet become big and then show you their bmws and Mercedes and then you get jealous and again say shit cause your jobs won’t get you those things and mind you the details are mentioned and the reasons of why we operate the way qnet does so shut your mother fucking mouths earn the peanuts that you love pay you’re bills and get lost

  16. And if you don’t understand every business needs an initial investment and if you plan to open you’re startup you’ll need much more you can’t start any business free of charge not even a road side chai wala shop so please think before you write if you didn’t start and didn’t understand doesn’t mean that you’re right if you don’t understand quantum physics does that mean it does not exist you’re minds are immature and you have forgotten to dream read the latest news on qnet and if you’re talking about name change qnet was gold quest for 10 years before changing to quest net and it changed into qnet because the company exists online its headquarters are in Hong Kong Philippines Singapore Dubai etc if you don’t believe take a flight and go there .
    Or go to Manchester or meet Vivek Oberoi if you are so desperate about its legality don’t spoil the name just cause you were dumb enough to check the firms integrity playing along my ass

  17. @vinayak ghosle and @jitesh congrats on being jealous of the future millionaire who offered you the opportunity and btw coffee shops have cameras and i had 3 meetings too but it was not for 15 minutes but for 3-4 hours with all my concepts and doubts answered in detail but you dogs can keep barking all you want

    • Hi Alok
      Thanks for this platform. Your platform has given me broader eye opener to this Qnet scam.

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