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The Train Man

Train wrecks of karma,

Have piled up in front.

The mangled, damaged debris,

Of past & present deeds.

There are no survivors,

There is no hope,

There is not a chance,

To salvage the breath,

From the coffins of the dead.


All that remains,

All that can be done,

Is to bring in the Train Man.

The man who has built the trains.

The Train Man will show us,

How to ride life’s train.

He will guide us from derailment,

He will make sure,

That we switch our tracks,

Before a chance of deadly collision.


Seek out the Train Man,

He is there among us;

Just call out his name,

Blow your whistle if you have to,

Implore him to come,

Beg him to stay,

Listen to what he says,

Understand the mechanics,

And prevent the next train wreck,

Of yet another unplanned ride…


Dedicated to the grace of finding a Guru. Have you found yours?

– alok rodinhood kejriwal


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